Top 10 Wedding Day Regrets

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When it comes to wedding planning, everyone likes to share their own tales and offer tips. The truth is that input from Auntie Carol, who planned a wedding in 1987, may not be hugely beneficial. However, ask enough people and along the way, you may just encounter some precious nuggets of wisdom. Fret not, I’ve done the leg work for you! Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the top 10 wedding planning regrets you may wish to try and avoid on your big day:


1. Not wearing comfy shoes
Yes, your feet may look a dream in those towering, bejewelled heels, but what happens when the beat drops and it’s time to party? Pack a pair of flats = job done. Even better, pack a shed load of them and your guests will thank you later!

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2. Not setting a budget
Budgeting will help to avoid overspending, simple as. Although you’re most likely overspend anyway, budgeting will help enable you to eliminate all those unnecessary wedding accessories you definitely don’t need. Who needs a 6 tier wedding cake with edible gold roses anyways?

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3. Not taking time out
I’m a big advocate of couples taking 10 minutes alone together. As a documentary wedding photographer who doesn’t pose couples, creating some alone time with your new spouse allows me to capture the two of you together, freshly married and away from guests. Take a step back to take it all in before the rest of the day flies by in a flash.

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4. Missing out on a kick-ass photographer
I refrained from making this point number one on the list. In my opinion it’s the most important regret you need to avoid. Months and years after the fact, there’s nothing more special than flicking through shots where you look blissfully happy and pretty gorgeous too. Take the time to research photographers and choose the very best you can afford.

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5. Not making a speech
If you really have the urge to get up and address the masses, don’t hold back- it’s your day! Why be old fashioned and let the men do all the talking anyways?

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6. Not trusting your photographer

This one is paramount to getting the very best wedding photos. You’re super excited about your wedding photos and perhaps you’ve accumulated hours eyeballing styled shoots on the web and have a collection of beautifully curated Pinterest boards. Getting inspired this way does have its uses but can be totally detrimental to getting the best images from your wedding day. Your wedding is unique to YOU, and your photographer’s job is to capture that uniqueness of the day, not to recreate images you’ve seen online. Trust your photographer to get the best images for you. Allow them free reign to do their job and to be creative and in return you’ll be rewarded.

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7. Not being ruthless with the guest list
We all know that the guest list can cause murders, but at the end of the day, it’s your wedding. Invite the people that will make you genuinely smile when you see them in the crowd.

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8. Worrying about the weather
We’re in the UK. This means that it could snow in July. If it’s blowing a gale and you’re in a marquee in the middle of a field with no heating, this could put a dampener on your spirits yes, but we’re British damn it. Tread cautiously with outdoor weddings and always have a plan B. That’s all you can do, really. Worrying won’t help. Allow your wedding day to simply be what it is, even if that means crappy weather. Whatever the weather I can guarantee you amazing images.

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9. Not eating breakfast
Nobody wants to spoil their vows with a rumbling tummy. For the love of all things holy at least have a slice of toast, and you’re good to go.

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10. Not reigning in the mother-in-law
You don’t have to invite people you’ve never met, invest in thousands of pounds worth of floral displays or dress your bridal party in lavender if you don’t want to. Together we will stand firm!

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11. Missing out on a kick-ass photographer

I know, I know, we’ve already had this point. But it’s so worth me coming back to it again.

Your photos will only ever be as good as the person behind the camera. My overwhelming advice is to find a photographer that you don’t just like (like isn’t good enough for your day!) but that you have FALLEN in LOVE with 🙂 Invest in your wedding photography wisely as it’s the only thing that will keep the memories alive. Couples that book me place photography as one of, if not THE most important wedding day investment

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Finally… If you’re getting married, please don’t emerge the other side with wedding day regrets!


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