DIY Village Hall Wedding Hertfordshire

Potten End Village Hall Wedding photos

“You captured the day as it happened without the need for posed pictures. We loved the fact you made everything very easy and you were so laid back. We couldn’t have hoped for more and will be highly recommending you!”


They met on tinder. Ana was Rob’s first date off the site, he was probably her 100th one (her words not mine!) They went to Madeira to celebrate New Year’s Eve as that’s where Ana’s parents are originally from and she has lots of family there. Attending a black tie event, on the balcony of a hotel overlooking the harbour, with some close family members who knew Rob’s plan. At approx 23.30 Rob got down on one knee and proposed! Of course Ana said yes and soon after the fireworks started 😉


We didn’t have the budget for a wedding planner as such but on our second date we met a couple who had recently emigrated from South Africa. Jenny had previously been an events organiser but had never done a wedding. She said when we met that if we were to get married she would help organise it. I was not thinking this would be a reality, but low and behold 19 months later we were married!


We wanted the day to be relaxed, and for our friends and family to enjoy the day with as little complication as possible. Priorities were people were well fed, that the day was captured with awesome photography and that our band created a good party atmosphere to end. We didn’t want a shared venue, we wanted a more private setting that had disabled access so that all family members could attend.

Budget was very tight! We found a Potten End Village Hall that was beautiful and had a small outside area. The theme was simple, with lots of white lights and lanterns on the ceiling with white flowers and greenery on the tables in various glass jars that people had collected. Rob helped to decorate the hall the night before. I saw it for the first time on the day and was mesmerised at how beautiful it looked and what friends and family had achieved.


We did a lot of searching on Pinterest! I particulary loved the hall decor and that having friends and family decorate it made it more special. A friend played me down the aisle on his bugle! The sound he produced was beautiful and enchanting. I knew that he had played in a band and wanted as much as possible to have people I knew being a part of the day. We also had the singer of a band my friend is in singing songs instead of hymns which worked really well and was something that made our service different and unique.


I wanted a Jenny Packham dress as I liked the simplicity and elegance of her designs. It had a low back and long train which made me feel like a real bride without the big puffiness of a classic wedding dress. I brought the dress from Davids bridal in Watford. Valentino shoes were a big extravagance but my treat to wear again and again! Wanted classic nude shoes with a twist so the design was perfect. Chose a low heel so I could dance the night away!

For Rob we brought a suit and then decided it wasn’t the right one but couldn’t return it….Rob used it for the stag do! We ended up having Rob’s suit made and I paid for it as his wedding gift. We chose all the detail which made it unique which was something we felt was important and we also wanted something he could wear again. Andrew at Ceremonia in St Albans helped us and did a brilliant job (

For the bridesmaid’s dresses & shoes I didn’t want a classic dress, but found something that was long and classic in shape with silver sequins which made it different. We got the dress from phase 8. Shoes were Louboutins in nude which Hannah had been given to her for her birthday.


My friends warned me the day would fly by. I tried as much as possible to take a step back and look around at what was happening. Walking slowly down the aisle, I could look at my friends and family and smile and wave to acknowledge that I’d seen them. Call in as many friends and family as you can to help out. It will make the day more special for those involved. People don’t know how much things cost, they don’t care and often the simple cheap things look great when pulled together. Have your budget in mind and work out what you want to prioritise your money on. I didn’t have any favours as felt that was a waste of money but insured we had free wine and beer at the tables!

For me walking down the aisle and seeing Rob there was incredible and a moment that will stay with me forever. Right now I’m just loving being married and feel quite special knowing that Rob will always be there for me and vice versa.


Documentary wedding photograph busy getting ready scene

Bride and father pulling faces on wedding day morning

Bridal prep black and white documentary wedding photo

Bride walking down stairs greeting father first look wedding dress

Valentino wedding shoes heels bridal fashion photo

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bride and family arrive at church for wedding ceremony

Bride and groom lighting candles inside church wedding ceremony

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Bugle player at wedding ceremony at St Stephen Catholic Church Beaconsfield Road photo

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Village Hall Wedding Hertfordshire table decor flowers detail

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Bride and groom kissing in bus shelter at Potten End Village Hall Wedding

Bride and groom drinking champagne in bus shelter at Potten End Village Hall Wedding

Bride and groom cheering and waving at Potten End Village Hall Wedding Hertfordshire

Blowing bubbles at Potten End Village Hall Wedding Hertfordshire

Potten End Village Hall Wedding scene with london red bus

Bride wearing Jenny Packham wedding dress kissing on double-decker bus photo

Bride wearing Jenny Packham wedding dress kissing on double-decker bus photo

Bride wearing Jenny Packham wedding dress with groom and bridesmaid

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Bride and best friend hugging at Village Hall Wedding Hertfordshire

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Make up artists: Caroline Cole ccmakeup | Hairdresser Amiee |  Florists: Alicia | Rings: Rob chose a Vera Wang engagement ring from Ernest Jones so we decided to get my wedding band out of her collection |  Cake: Friend of a friend | Catering Company: Darren | Wedding band: Co-jones 

If you are thinking of having a DIY village hall wedding, or any quirky and unusual wedding venue, I’d love to hear from you.

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