An adventure, you say? BRB, just packing my suitcase.

Having photographed a tonne of weddings throughout Europe, I’m proud to call myself a destination wedding photographer. Year on year, I’m asked to pack up my kit and jet off to exotic climes which, it’s safe it say, is one of the major perks of my job. Whether it’s a vineyard in Avignon, a beach at sunset in Cyprus or some far-flung corner of the Highlands, there’s something to be said for going a bit further afield for your wedding day. It elevates your day from being simply a wedding, to a mini break. Your guests get a holiday as well as a free bar, what’s not to like? In my experience, guests are always rowdier when on tour (which may or may not be a good thing).

The celebrations always start the day before with guests arriving by land, sea and air ready to let loose and party. The vibe is always buzzy and electric, the air practically fizzes with anticipation. Then there’s the day after, often a pool party or some other very non-British activity. Trust me, the day-after party can often be as good as the wedding party itself!

Not sure if a destination wedding is for you? Here are a few really good reasons to do it:

1. It keeps the numbers down: It’s super tricky to cut people, especially if you or your partner are from big families. If you get married at home, you feel obliged to invite anyone who lives nearby, plus your parents may want to invite every single friend of theirs who lives locally (which can be, shall we say, “delicate” to negotiate). So throw your bash several hundred – or thousand – miles away and only your true, stalwart friends and family will attend. Job done!

2. You can choose somewhere truly significant to you both: If you two fell in love with a certain country while on holiday there, or have a favourite beach that’s special to you, why not get married there? Lots of people choose not to get married in the church near their mum’s house anymore, so choose a spot that gives you the tingles.

3. You can get yourself some quality time: You get SO much more time with your guests. Destination weddings tend to be a few days rather than just the one. Means you get more than a quick “I’m so glad you came along!” with each person.

4. More chances to party: Destination weddings often include things like welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, receptions and post-wedding brunches. That’s a whole lotta Dad-dancing.


For destination weddings, I can stay for as many days as you like. The day before your wedding is a perfect opportunity to sort logistics, scout out your venue and meet up to say hello. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that my prices aren't hugely inflated for destination weddings...

All in package price for a destination wedding: £3000

You receive:

Unlimited coverage on your wedding day

An optional portrait shoot the day before or after the wedding

An online gallery of 450+ fully edited images

A promise that I will capture your wedding day without posing you or shouting orders

Includes flights, accommodation & expenses for the duration of my stay (an additional £500 travel supplement is required if I’m leaving Europe).

If you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer and you feel my style doth butter your parsnips, please do check my availability and request an eBrochure. I limit my diary to around 30 weddings per year, so I can give each of my couples 110%.

If you’d rather schedule a free discovery call with me, where we can chat about you and your destination wedding plans, you can do so by booking a slot via my online diary using the above button. Or simply zip me an email at If I’m already booked on your date, I’ll happily make some recommendations. I do receive a shed load of enquiries per year, so if you think my style would be a good fit for your big day, please get in touch pronto.