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“Jonny you were a great fit for our day and you sure take really cool shots! The perfect Tetbury wedding photographer. So easy going and the photos are great!”

I am so pleased I was asked to photograph Casey and Jake’s wedding. Casey is an extraordinarily talented artist (www.caseysplace.co.uk/) and being asked to photograph another creative mind’s big day is always an honour. Their Cotswold’s alfresco ceremony with marquee reception was a day of colour, creativity and whoopie cushions.

Here’s their story, in their own words, starting with the proposal:

The proposal story- we went down to Dorset for a couple of days, there was a really gorgeous spot we had found and loved a few years earlier and Jake thought that may be a great place to propose however when we went to walk there it was closed as during weekdays the area is an army shooting range! Jake managed to remain calm whilst having an inward heart attack that his proposal wasn’t going to plan! We found another lovely spot on the cliffs to have a picnic along Kimmeridge Bay. Jake Proposed and Casey said “Sure” whilst trying to stop the dog eating the olives.


 Kinda handmade cool, wild flowers, fun laughter and joy! Lots of colour. Oh and Dogs!!


The Holford Arms in Tetbury, Gloucestershire offered us a free reign to do exactly as we wanted  We worked together with them to make up the menu and we were able to have the greatest personal fun day that we wanted thanks to having such a great venue. Pete and Tor and the whole team at The Holford Arms for providing the chilled out relaxed wonderful vibe we wanted and for the gorgeous food and for giving us a free reign at the pub to decorate and make it exactly how it was in our heads.


I got the dress off ebay about a month after we got engaged. I’m not the best shopper and really liked the style of Jenny Packham dresses but maybe not the price tag. Whilst looking for this type of dress I came across this one gorgeous dress by a designer called Vicky Rowe. It was a sample dress she was selling, so had never been worn. I bought it straight away thinking it won’t fit but it arrived and it did fit and it was the most gorgeous dress I’d ever seen. So lucky!!!! Jake wore a Navy Hugo boss suit with purple and grey patterned tie. Sharp! The bridal party all looked super gorgeous. The bridesmaids wore stylish embellished dresses in dark navy. My bridesmaid Laura was my make-up artist, she knows ALL about make up and was better than any real make up artist in my opinion.


 Our dear friend Emma read a gorgeous poem that she had written for us and bridesmaid Amy read the lyrics from a favourite jack Johnson song. We walked down the aisle to the theme tune from Jurassic park! Out 1st dance was Whitney Housten’s Your love is my love. We were pretty excited about the band, Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes who did not disappoint!


The bunting- I did a design with our names and wedding dates on and made hundreds of metres of bunting in all different colours which turned out pretty great on the day. I take a pottery course and made all the porcelain vases for the tables which looked so beaut with the flowers. Multicoloured lanterns always look great. We grew all our own flowers so you can defo shout out my mum for making new flower beds and growing millions of seed babies! It was homegrown gorgeousness, I wanted it to look like they had just been picked. The rainbow blooms were all home grown and  they really made a huge impact.


Casey says: Everything will be just great! You don’t have to do it all on your own but if there’s a vision or something you really want you can make it happen. I tended to do a lot myself and nearly had a small breakdown beforehand, usually all your friends and family will be there to lend a hand so ask for it. Lists that you tick off and feel great once things are done. Table plan- put everyone’s names on cocktail sticks then you can move them about. Pinterest for ideas. use your own ideas to make it as personal to you as you can so you remember it as your day.

Jake says: Be really good at the planning, the bride will probably know what she wants the day to look like but won’t have any idea where to hire speakers from or organise cutlery. Be there to be the master of these tasks.

Amen to that Jake..

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