Harriet & Chris | Tanner Warehouse Wedding

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“We loved your laid back approach and your full immersion into the day! With an air of comfort and familiarity, you got the best out of us & our guests (including my Dad who despises his photograph being taken).”


Harriet & Chris met through friends who manufactured the scenario. Each of them were told that they’d seen a photo of the other on social media and we were interested in meeting. Even if the fact was not true, they were grateful of the deception. The proposal happened exactly a year before the wedding on an August morning sat in bed. Chris had been up since 4.30am sitting anxiously in the living room waiting for Harriet to also wake up, when he received a text at 7.45am which read ‘I’m ready for my coffee now x’. Game on!

Harriet , being a long time fan of Jessie Ware, Chris thought he would try his luck in getting her to do the proposal. After spamming dozens of existing and past agencies that she’s been represented by, I received a reply from her current manager. The week before the proposal, the short video came through with Jessie proposing. With the ring in pocket, video ready and coffee in hand, she thankfully agreed to be married. Phew! And yes, there was shock and tears in equal measure!


As the venue was already fitted out how we’d want it to be, it was down to the finishing touches. Fortunately we have a talented friend who was on hand to create these for us and listen to our thoughts to then turn them into the visions we’d had. We wanted something understated & simple in decor and vibe for the day. No unnecessary distractions, just fun and sincerity.

We chose Tanner Warehouse as our wedding venue as it has a really laid back vibe with an awesome interior; not quite finished but finished with a purpose. Chandeliers just aren’t us, we’re much more flea market and mismatch furniture than diamonds and polish. It was incidentally the first venue and only venue we looked at. It had everything and did everything we needed it to with in-house catering and a huge selection of gins!


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It was the first wedding dress shop I had been to, Belles Brides in Kibworth.  ‘The Dress’ was found within the first three I tried on.  Within seconds of wearing the dress it made me feel elegant, sophisticated and the bride I wanted to be. Additionally, I thought the dress could be worn with my leather jacket, a staple to how I dress in the daily.

A Reiss three piece for Chris. Tie coupled with Vivian Westwood tie pin and tailored shirt with Paul Smith socks and Russell & Bromley double buckle Monks in black. Look inspired by a peppering on Peaky Blinders and Legend (film about the Krays). Bridesmaid’s dresses & shoes were all ASOS.


Pick bridesmaids that are your cheerleaders and will keep you calm on the day. Also, don’t feel like you need to conform to the social blueprints of a wedding, pick the bits that you want and balls to the rest!

Be prepared for and accept the butterflies,. Be prepared and accept the emotion and don’t stress too much about the speech. A sincere but quick speech is my advice! Get in, get out!

The whole process is a celebration and although there is a Herculean amount of work to do in planning your day, don’t get dragged into the stresses. Do it together as a team and do as much as you can as early as possible! You’ll be thankful for being overly organised during the final weeks leading up to the day.This a day to celebrate with nearest & dearest, but fundamentally, it’s about the couple getting married. Don’t worry if people are enjoying themselves, they will regardless of your worry. Lastly, take as many moments out together to make mental memories. Although it’s a cliche, the day will fly past so take a minute to slow it down, together.

Moving forward we will create joy together, smile, laugh and both go through hardships but one constant that we will always know, to celebrate and embrace is the unity of each other. We got this!


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The love we felt from our friends and family was priceless. Although for guests weddings can seem somewhat like admin, we truly felt like our guests emotionally invested in our day and made it what it was. They created our memories and we’re so thankful to them. The moment we stood together for the first time after Harriet arrived at the end of the aisle. We looked at each other, we stood together hand in hand in front of a room full of people. At that moment we were alone, full of anticipation & emotion.


We wanted the natural essence of our day captured outside of the standard rules; candid, sometimes obscure documentation. You often see beautiful wedding photography but it could be anyone’s wedding. We wanted ours to be just that, ours and no one else’s. That is Jonny’s real talent. He just gets you and takes the time to do so. Knowing where the characters are and foreseeing golden photographic opportunities. We are Jonny fan boys!


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Make up artists: Rosie Bennett (Insta – @Rosiebennettmakeup)

Florists: Chez Michele

Rings: Anais Rose  I have a friend who is a very particular, stylish individual who recommended Sam so I knew that if he was happy then she must be amazing; she was exactly that. Consultative, patient and honest through the entire process of designing the engagement ring. It only felt natural to have the wedding bands created by her too.

Cake: Ms Cupcake

Catering Company: Tanner & Co (in-house caterers at Tanner Warehouse) – I must add, they went above and beyond to suit our requirements.

Entertainment: Spotify & beer pong!

Cars/Transport: Alpha Bus

Other: Smudge London for table all decorations finishing touches (Insta – @SmudgeLondon)


If you’re thinking of having a Tanner Warehouse wedding (or anywhere else for that matter) and you feel my photos doth butter your parsnips, check my availability and request an eBrochure.

I limit my diary to around 30 weddings per year, so don’t drag your feet.