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If that doesn’t sound like a lot, trust me, it’s a fair few! I spend the other seventeen weekends of the year doing work like editing, marketing, workshops, accounts and admin, not forgetting spending some time with my family. I LOVE shooting weddings but it doesn’t give you many weekends to yourself!

So when it comes to the delicate topic of coin, I tend not to list my prices like a menu as every wedding is unique and each one could be priced ever so slightly differently. I know it’s frustrating when you can’t immediately find the answer to a Google search such as ‘wedding photography prices in Gloucestershire’ or wherever it is you are looking to get married. You just want to know how much something costs. The truth is the answer to “How much do you charge?” is – “It depends”. It depends on factors such as how long I’ll be partying with you for and if you see a value in having a wedding album. I can help you answer these questions if you get in touch but to give you a guide, my prices kick off at £1750.  

The best thing to do is fill out my contact form as soon as you’ve got your date and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs with an accurate quote. Or download my wedding photography brochure right now! It’s packed with EVERYTHING you need to know about hiring me as your phenomenal wedding photographer


Jonny is the very best! If you are considering booking him, you absolutely should!

Linda & Tom

“Proper lovely” said the Welsh guests. “Great Geezer” said the London guests. “Lovely bloke” said the Brummies. “Such a cool sweet guy” said the Americans. “Fotograf war so diskret fantastische!” said the Swiss. Dawn & Mica
Jonny was easy to get on with and almost disappeared into the day. We have some amazing pictures capturing moments that I don’t even remember. Couldn’t have hoped for more and could not recommend Jonny highly enough! Ana & Rob
The photos Jonny produced are spectacular. He captured every candid moment, every smile, interaction and emotion was beautifully portrayed. His eye for detail is something that can’t be taught. Ciara & Lloyd
The best decision we made about the wedding was asking Jonny to be our photographer. I honestly cannot get over these beautiful photos. They are all we could have dreamed of and more! Jess & Erjan
A top class and creative photographer.  Artistic and professional, Jonny made nervous subjects feel at ease and never imposed on the day. Plus he is just a really nice guy who blatantly loves what he does! Worth every penny. Salee & Dan
Jonny is an incredible and talented photographer. He blended in and I’ve had so many people tell me that they don’t remember him taking the photos. If you want someone to capture your true wedding day…Jonny is your guy. Alexia & Matt
Our photos are wonderful and such fun memories of our day! I don’t know how he did it! The quirkiness and unusual touches in each picture make him a really unique find – book him!! Lisa & Andrew


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Wedding albums are AWESOME. No, they are. They’ve gone right out of fashion in this digital age but I reckon they’re on the way back in. The thing about not having an album, is that you’re relying on memory sticks and hard drives and clouds and all that nonsense to look after your ever so precious wedding photos. With a beautifully curated album, you’ve got something real, a genuine heirloom to hand down to your children and their children. I think that’s important.

I offer a range of stylish albums which come in three sizes. Each one is handmade in the UK with love (or so I’m told, I naturally don’t make them myself but leave it to some very clever bods who frankly, really know what they’re doing). The albums are all bespoke and designed to showcase your very favourite wedding images at their best. Printed on museum grade card pages which lay flat when open, they are just the best albums around. Fact.

As standard you get a custom designed layout, a whopping forty pages, a choice of cotton covers and a presentation box to ensure the album lasts a lifetime (and then some).

Album extras:
Genuine leather covers
Extra pages
Parent (and grandparent!) albums

Albums come in 2 sizes:
Standard 10″x10″
Large 12″x12″

With all albums, you get to see the layout and make as many changes as you like before it goes to print. 100% happiness guaranteed.

If you know you want an album already, it makes sense to purchase my Album Package. If you buy it at the same time as you book me, you’ll get £500 credit to be used against an album order. This deposit will also give you a 20% discount off the album prices. The deposit alone is enough to guarantee you’ll receive an 10″x10″ album, so it’s worth doing!

Schedule a call by clicking below or fill out CONTACT form for further info on albums.