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Vintage wedding colourful confetti Old Finsbury Town Hall

“Jonny has great ability to capture the candid, in between moments. He was a pleasure to work with, he’s fun and extremely talented. We couldn’t have asked for more!”

Old Finsbury Town Hall | Clerkenwell | London | UK

Emma & Isaac met in the spring of 2014 swing dancing in New York. The engagement followed two years later in Cinque Terre, Italy. Having decided to do a last minute trip to Milan over Thanksgiving to see Porgy and Bess at La Scala, they then took a train to Cinque Terre where they spent a few days. It was there that Isaac proposed and he completely took Emma by surprise! He had picked out a beautiful Edwardian emerald ring which she absolutely adored. Here’s the rest of their story told by the fine couple themselves:

What was your Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding inspiration?

Getting married in an historical building was special because we love Jazz and all old things. Old music halls give us a magical feeling. Music is very important to us hence we had a jazz band playing at the evening reception. During the day The Old Finsbury Town Hall is a dance school, and all contributions from weddings go towards bursaries for the students. It was also convenient for Isaac’s family and friends who flew into Heathrow from Canada, and my family and friends who arrived by train into King’s Cross. A short walk from the hotel to the venue, and reception drinks in Wilmington Square just around the corner from The Old Finsbury Town Hall. The day after the wedding we walked to the docks where we hired a boat and treated our guests to afternoon tea on the Thames.

Tell me about the unique vintage wedding dress.

It was from Joanne Fleming. I wear a lot of vintage dresses from the 30s and 40s for dancing and wanted something from that era. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything quite right and then stumbled upon Joanne who made a dress for another friend. The historical references she uses is right up my street. The underpart of my dress was green silk. I wanted something that would look striking when I danced. My hat was by Julia Knox at http://eastvillagehats.nyc/ paired with the most comfortable 30s inspired gold shoes from https://remixvintageshoes.com/

  Sourced and fitted by Samir Hecham, Isaac’s suit was dated from 1912. The bridesmaids wore their own dresses. Everyone to be uniform wasn’t on the agenda so I asked them to be my best women and wear whatever they wanted.

Any advice for those planning their wedding now?

Try not to get too caught up in the details. Seeing our friends and family from all over the world gathered in Wilmington Square put everything into perspective. As a married couple we just want to continue our adventure together, and enjoy everyday.


bride and groom Joanne Fleming vintage wedding dress bouquet

bride vintage wedding dress outside small cafe in London

Vintage bride with bouquet at old Finsbury Town Hall window

1920s style bride and groom stroll through Wilmington Square London

bride wears Julia Knox vintage headdress hat

bride holds vintage dress as she walks by roadworks

wedding guest reads out speech at dinner table

Swingers fashioned bride and groom drink cocktails outside

bride hangs her vintage wedding dress on door in hotel room

groomsmen share a drink outside London boozer

bride and groom holding hands Rosebery avenue in London

man in striped tie throwing shapes on dance floor

wedded couple stroll down london avenue together

wedded couple pose outside old Finsbury town hall entrance

bride and groom kiss passionately at alter

proud brides father walks her down the aisle

bride and groom laugh and cringe at wedding speech

bride wearing vintage headpiece gets her makeup done before wedding

weddings guests cocktails crying child

wedding guests sit and wait on park bench with child and cocktail

bride wears vintage headdress east village hats new york

bridesmaids stand together on London streets

young wedding guests play in fallen leaves

bride and groom dance floor vintage jazz band swing Finsbury town Hall

bride and groom vows wedding ceremony

groom glass of Guinness London bar

bride and groom vintage style 1920s fashion swingers

piano player applauded Old Finsbury jazz band

wedding bridal party in shelter London garden

bride and groom high rise red brick town buildings

bride and groom cup of tea tiered wedding cake

Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding jazz dance bride and groom swingers

Vintage style bride strolls down London streets with bouquet in hand

bride red lipstick vintage 1920s netted hat fashion

Vintage fashion bride metal shutters with bouquet

bride and groom walk down aisle together

bride and groom sit together on park bench pigeon golden leaves

dining room and ceiling detail Old Finsbury town hall Clerkenwell

couple listen closely to father of the brides wedding speech

Latin wedding guests party on the dance floor

London park unique vintage wedding dress couple hold hands

bouquet flowers in hotel shower

wedding crowd gathers outside Finsbury town hall London

Old Finsbury Town hall wedding ceremony

Vintage bride and bridesmaids in red dresses london

bride and groom stand in front of London red telephone box

young boy watches champagne being poured

wedding guests tuck into cheese platter

Vintage laced green silk wedding dress fashion bride groom

Finsbury Town hall fairy lights London couple silhouette stained glass

bride and groom sit together intimately on London park bench

brides colourful bouquet by flirty flowers close up

Happy young boy holds brides bouquet group photo

Red London telephone box sticker You Are Not In Camberwell Anymore

brides joanne flemming vintage wedding dress hung on door

bride and groom enjoy music on dance floor

Colourful confetti and brides lace wedding dress on stone floor detail

wedded couple both enjoy the music on the dance floor

reflection of bride adjusting earring vintage wedding dress

London pub pumpkin speech writing

Jazz fashion 1920s vintage bride and groom dance London park

wedding guests playfully adjust the grooms suit and hair

tray full of cocktail drinks



Make up artists: https://kyliemcmichael.co.uk/

Florists: Amanda Willgrave at Flirty Flowers

Rings: http://www.grayanddavis.com/ I wanted something old to complement by edwardian engagement ring and Isaac had a new ring that was designed and made by the shop

Cake: Nicky Tesler http://www.nickysbuttercupbakery.co.uk/

Catering Company: Sara and Martin Saxon http://www.tastingplates.com/

Entertainment:: Mark Kavuma http://www.markkavuma.com/

Invitations by Annie Moor http://www.anniemoorillustration.com/about



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