groom lifts bride over shoulder out of wedding venue matara

“Jonny is someone who felt like a guest more than a photographer and he made the day even more special than we ever realised it could be. Jonny has honesty, integrity, humility and kindness. We not only feel like we found an amazing photographer, but also a friend for life.”


This wedding was one I’d been waiting for with anticipation from the day I met Kirsten, Steve and Dave, their awesome French Bulldog, for their pre-wedding shoot. Dog lovers, happy-go-lucky and downright lovable, they are simply my perfect couple. I knew their wedding day would be ace.  We met for coffee (cappuccino for Dave) and cake (as you do) and chatted all things wedding. I got to learn the history behind their story to date. It is what, I suppose, you could call a fairy tale for the modern age!

Meeting online on Plenty of Fish (Steve likes to call if Fillet of Fish, it makes him feel a bit classier) the proposal shortly followed one evening on dog walk with the beloved Dave. Steve had set up a picnic with some ‘reserved for Mrs Currer’ signs. Kirsten saw the flowers and thought it was a burial/remembrance site… all very romantic!  At the very moment the question was popped Dave celebrated by gobbling Rabbit poo. Yes all, err.. very romantic?


dark portrait groom reading out speech

bride and groom kiss on bridge over beautiful lake

bride and groom gaze into each other's eyes shadow portrait

bride and groom kiss and dance to live band fraudio on dance floor

small french bulldog with wedded couples feet detail

bride laughs and husband blushes at wedding speeches

wedding buffet table detail

groomsmen wait as bride makes appearance behind them

wedding guests dance and party on the dance floor

bride and groom share a moment in the garden


Kirsten wholeheartedly took on the role of planner. As a result her job as a solicitor suffered greatly in the 18 months between engagement and wedding, something that did not go un-noticed by her boss. However, the whole team at the Matara Centre were fantastic in helping her achieve her vision. Steve apparently helped too (loads- so he says!)

They really wanted to play on the autumn theme as it is a favourite time of year for them. It was all about the rich colours, warmth, fire, sparkle and depth of the autumn season. The dark evenings and crisp cold mornings are what they live for.

If anyone ever gets the opportunity to visit the Matara Centre in the Cotswolds they will understand why it’s such a magical wedding venue. There is honestly something so exceptional about Matara and until you experience it for yourself you won’t understand. Everything the venue stands for is unique and personal. It is a place to lose yourself and find your true happiness. Every corner holds a new secret and the whole place is laced with fairy tale magic.


wedding guest plays with dog on bed before wedding

bride shows off wedding ring to guests

wedding guests watch livestream of football game at dinner table

bride and groom embrace in wedding reception

candid wedding guest falls asleep on sofa

bride laughs as she reads letter

wedding guest laughs as she prepares for wedding in robe

bride screams in excitement while holding husbands hand

groom sings along to song while friends lift him up

bride and groom kiss outside in venue matara

cute dog and tennis ball on bed detail

wedding guests struggle to swallow drinks


Kirsten saw the dress online and had to find a shop that stocked the designer Sottero and Midgley. The closest stockist was All About Eve in Newport. Kirsten wanted a dress that was elegant and modern and something she felt like herself when wearing. The dress gave her a confidence that she doesn’t always find comes easily and once she put it on no other dress could compare. Alterations were by Abigail Westrup Bridal Portishead- someone who does beautiful work.

The groom’s suit was harder to sort than the bride’s dress. To say that Steve is a perfectionist is an understatement and thank goodness for T.M Lewin in Bath and the fantastic manager Guy who dressed Steve and the rest of the groom’s party from head to toe, yes- including their underwear!

The bridesmaids wore stunning dresses by Coast bridesmaids collection. The two girls were already stunning beyond belief so it was not hard to find something that suited two such beautiful girls on both the inside and out.


bride and groom pose while guests celebrate wedding with sparklers

bride walks down stairs with bouquet

wedding guests jump as bride throws bouquet

bride and groom embrace under sky light in hallway

wedding guests say hello to wedding dog

wedding guests gather together and pose for a selfie

wedding guest makes gestures as he reads dramatic speech

wedding guests make game from broom and jump over it

bride wipes away tears at emotional speech

bride and groom embrace on bridge and enjoy the landscape at matara

bride and groom embrace as they share first dance

bride and groom kiss as the rest of the wedding party enjoy sparklers

bride and groom recite vows at outside alter


DON’T DOWNLOAD WEATHER APPS! They cannot predict the weather 4 weeks in advance and the stress you will cause yourself in that time is not worth it. Trust people when they say it will all be alright on the day, they are right! The only thing that matters is you start the day as bride and groom to be, and finish the day as husband and wife. It literally will be the best day of your life. There is nothing to worry about. You are surrounded by people that you love and who love you and who want nothing more than to see you grow old together happy and content. What more could you ask for?

Further advice for those planning their wedding now: BOOK JONNY BARRATT! Seriously though just book Jonny already. Also, make sure that you enjoy every second, the day is gone in a flash and you need to ensure that each moment is personal and perfect for both of you. This is your day and no matter what anyone else says or thinks this moment is all about you.


bride and groom embrace by lake black and white

wedding guest adjusts flower boys sign as bride walks down aisle

bride smiles for camera as she prepares for wedding

wedding guest hides his face as he eats his burger

bride and groom laugh at funny wedding speech

groomsmen enjoy a drink in hotel room before wedding

wedding guest tries to fit broom in box

bride and groom embrace in fairy light lit woodland

groom and groomsmen adjust their suits

bride and groom kiss on dance floor as guests party

wedding guests celebrate marriage with confetti


During the speeches there was a surprise video message received from Kirsten’s family in Australia who sadly could not make the wedding. Needless to say there was not a dry eye in the house and THANK GOODNESS Kirsten was wearing water proof make up!

Moving readings at the ceremony included The Still and Settled Place by Edward Monkton and an extract from Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne. The Owl and The Pussy Cat (Edward Lear) and The Lovely Dinosaurs (again by Edward Monkton) were read during the evening woodland ceremony.

A cover of Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors performed by Madilyn Bailey played as Kirsten walked down the ailse. I’d say you have never really heard the lyrics of that song until you listen to this version. It really is spine-tingling. For the first dance the band played one of their all time favourite songs ‘I will wait’ by Mumford and Sons. It was utterly epic.


bride and groom admire steel sculpture of giraffe

bride smiles as groom makes her laugh portrait

wedding guest tries to figure out if he was sweating too much or if his drink spilt

bride poses with groom and groomsmen outside

bride and groom sing along to their favourite song on dance floor

groom cheers as he enters room with bride

wedding guest tries to find something in closet candid

bride and groom embrace in garden maze

ride and groom prepare for photos in garden

bride and groom embrace in field of long grass

wedding guest dances and enjoys dance floor

bride and groom enjoy the fresh air in garden


We have way too many amazing memories to pick just one but the following are some of our favourites. Stood in a fairy light lit woodland clearing surrounded by friends and family laughing and joking before jumping the broom. Watching the sky light up with phenomenal fireworks hand in hand with each other. The band closing its performance with a stripped back version of ‘Stand by Me’ and each and every guest singing along. Knowing that whatever life throws at us we will never have to face it alone.


bride and bridesmaids pose with groom and groomsmen

garden lake at matara wedding venue detail

dogs legs and pair of shoes detail

bride looks worried as she drinks her drink

bride and bridesmaids smile and pose for camera

bride giggles at grooms funny speech

wedding couples share dance on dance floor

wedding guest adjusts tie in mirror detail

wedding guest flips hair to song on dance floor

bride and groom jump on dance floor


Make up artists: Caley Soul Make-up

Hair: Harriet Thompson

Florists: Oops a Daisy in Cirencester

Rings:Clifton Village Jewellers- bespoke service and willing to go the extra mile

Catering Company: In house at Matara (Chef Luke is an utter legend)

Entertainment: Fraudio (wedding band) Unbelievably awesome!

Cars/Transport: Our own car with a few added bows

Video: capturing the magic of every moment 🙂



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