Is the Leap Year proposal thing seriously outdated in 2020?

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Take that leap on Batchelor’s Day

It’s a trifle late but.. happy LEAP YEAR everyone! Last Saturday we had something that we only get every four years: an extra day in February. What did you do with your additional 24 hours? This lady celebrated her 25th birthday…despite being 100 years old. I love that. It makes me wish I too had been born on 29th February. On my last birthday I would’ve been 9.25 years old. You do the math!

Something else that only happens on the 29th February: the Leap Year proposal where, traditionally, girls are “allowed” to propose to their boyfriends. It’s called “Bachelor’s Day” and it’s an Irish thing. Supposedly, it originates from a deal that Saint Bridget struck with Saint Patrick. Historically, girls were allowed “to initiate dances and propose marriage. If the proposal was refused, the man was expected to buy the woman a silk gown or, by the mid-20th century, a fur coat.” 

To be fair that part sounds good to me. I’d very much like someone buying me a nice silk gown to take the edge off being rejected. 

Alternatively, the tradition morphed slightly over the decades to include a bit of juggling: “If a man refused a girl’s proposal, he was obliged to buy her new gloves or perform a juggling trick on Easter Day.” In some areas, girls could propose every day of the leap year. That’s a lotta juggling!

Leap Year Proposal 2020

This Leap Day tradition does seem to have hung on a bit. Even in 2020 when anybody can marry anybody without fear of judgement or prejudice, there still seems to be a bit of a surge on the 29th Feb for girls getting down on one knee (steady…) and popping the question. That’s lovely and, frankly, I don’t mind a bit of tradition. But it does seem mighty silly that girls are still only really encouraged to take control of their romantic futures one day every four years. Those in same-sex female relationships would take years to start their marriages. When you put it like that, doesn’t it all sound pretty ludicrous?

Please imagine me standing on a table and using a megaphone while I’m saying this: PROPOSE WHENEVER YOU LIKE, LADIES! Seriously, it’s time to flip the bird to tradition. If you’re feeling it, act on it. Whoever you’re proposing to will love it (and probably be relieved that they haven’t got to do it themselves).

Now that’s outta the way (not that you needed me to tell you), if you did get engaged last Saturday, CONGRATULATIONS- regardless of who did the proposing! Now seems like a good timely reminder that wedding suppliers (especially kick-ass photographers, ahem) book up quick so if you find someone you simply must have at your wedding, then reach out to them. Like, now. 

Personally, my availability is very limited and 2021 is getting full too. So choppity-chop. Don’t dilly-dally. Pick up that phone and start a conversation or click below:


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Portfolio of engagement photography Gloucestershire

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Portfolio of engagement photography Gloucestershire

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Romantic Gloucestershire engagement locations

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