wedded couple embrace and pose outside Cambridge cottage

“Jonny is like one of the crowd and we didn’t feel we needed to be posed and ready the whole time. As people who don’t take many photos of themselves this helped us feel really comfortable. All I’ll say is, if you’re looking to book Jonny just do it!”

Kew Gardens Wedding Photos | Cambridge Cottage | London

Amsterdam. Dave walks into a conference Tamara was attending. He strolls in from the balcony and whisked her away to Bruges where he proposed. They stayed in an amazingly posh hotel but spent most of the night in the hostel across the road playing pool. My kinda couple!

Fast forward to their Kew Gardens wedding day inspiration. Wanting to keep with the botanical theme of Kew, they tried to keep it as simple as possible, complimenting the beautiful surroundings. The flowers were kept natural in line with this. The menu was really important, as self proclaimed foodies, so they spent a lot of time on it. Ultimately, they wanted somewhere near to London but still with a garden vibe. Looking for a huge wedding venue wasn’t on the agenda, when they saw Cambridge Cottage in the grounds of Kew Gardens both agreed very quickly it was the one. A self contained venue but set within huge grounds, bonus!


couple poses and kiss while by standers watch

hotel decorations and home detail

groomsmen and bridesmaids pose with the wedded couple in the cottage garden

bride poses with champagne bottle while her hair is in curlers

wedding guests chat in front of ancient painting

bride and groom both laugh at awkward wedding game

bride and groom embrace as sun sets in Cambridge cottage gardens

groom listens to DJ's songs before the party starts

wedded couple pose with drinks and bouquet on the back of golf cart

bridesmaid embraces with wedding guest before wedding begins

wedding guests mingle and chat in garden candid

wedding guest poses for camera in front of beautiful trees

bride feeds wedding cake to husband as he cuts the cake

groomsmen arrive all wearing sunglasses on hot day

reflection of bride getting hair curled before wedding

bride checks makeup outside while hair is curling

guests are shocked as wedding guest grabs slice of cake

bride and groom kiss with drink outside cottage in London

bride laughs at funny wedding speech

wedding guest couple share a moment outside

groomsmen pose at bar after having a few drinks

roses and hairbrush on table detail

wedding guest poses with sunglasses while other guests laugh

bride poses with bridesmaids with bouquets outside

wedding guests cheer as guest nails the limbo

bride and groom embrace at the alter while wedding guests watch

hall in hotel after wedding with flowers and balloons detail

bride and groom share a drink outside in the garden

 Tell us about the wedding fashion

The dress was David Fielden 4022 and bought from Teokath of London in Wimbledon. A deserved mention must go to Chambers in Wimbledon Village who were extremely patient and amazing completing all the fittings perfectly. Limited edition Jenny Packham x LK Bennett provided the footwear. I picked the dress because of its simplicity and of course for the amazing back. My bridesmaids agreed it was the one the minute they saw it but Mum would never forgive me for not mentioning that she picked it out! Dave’s suit was bespoke from Cad & Dandy. The whole experience of having it made and fitted was one of Dave’s favourite parts of the planning. Shirt was Oscar Pink, tie Hugo Boss, braces Albert Thurston and shoes were Joseph Cheaney. Dresses for all the bridesmaids were from Coast, we picked them in an hour and a half.


groom poses with drink and sunglasses on

wedding guests tuck in to small snacks being passed around

wedding guests celebrate wedding with sparklers at night

groomsmen and male wedding guests interact outside

bride laughs at groom with other wedding guests

bride and groom dance on the dancefloor

groom rolls his eyes at his parents n the dance floor

wedding guest looks shocked and celebrates wedding

wedding guests smile at the couple at the alter

bride and groom laugh as they sign wedding documents

bride and groom sit and listen to wedding speech

wedding guest compliments groom's suit as she arrives

collection of guests playing limbo on the dance floor

bride and groom embrace in empty room for camera

young wedding guest tries their parents drink

bride and groom gaze into each others eyes as the sun rises

bride laughs as she gets her makeup done and her hair in curlers

guests enjoy the field as waitress serves drinks

wedded couple arrive at party venue

bride and guests pose through instsagram costume

bride poses in front of brick wall with bouquet

wedding guests stare in confusion at golf cart

wedding guests all cheers for the wedded couple

groom stares into distance as bride tells him a story

bride and groom kiss as the sun sets in the garden

bride and groom share first dance on dance floor

bride and groom enjoy garden along with other guests

Wedding day details and advice

The song we walked down the aisle to was De’ree I’m kissing you played on the harp. Our first dance was You are the best thing by Ray Lamontagne.

If I were to offer any advice for those planning their wedding now it would be don’t stress! It all comes together (but probably don’t move countries two days later either, like we chose to do).

We did have concerns about spending money on photography and now we can say we totally made the right decision! I think the style of Jonny’s photography made it more worthwhile. If he hadn’t captured so many amazing moments we may not have felt the same. Jonny is like one of the crowd. In the best way we barely noticed him and didn’t feel as though we needed to be posed and ready the whole time. As people who don’t take many photos of themselves this helped us feel really comfortable. All I’ll say is, if you’re looking to book Jonny just do it (which is incidentally, what my best friend, sister in law to one of the weddings you shot, said to me).


bride poses in dress with other wedding guests at party

wedding guests gasp as they realise they know each other

family of bride and groom talk at the dinner table

guest helps other wedding guest off the floor

bride gets her makeup done in kitchen

bride hangs up dress by david fielden by window

guest poses suspiciously with drink

mopping up the floor and guests shoes detail

bride and groom embrace in small alleyway outside

wedding guests pose with polaroid photo

wedding guest adjusts tie outside with other wedding guests

wedding guests all dance on the dance floor together

wedded couple at alter with guests

wedding guest lifts up other guest on dancefloor

bridesmaids pose outside with drinks

bride and groom pose in cottage garden in london

groomsmen cheers their drinks at lunchtime

wedding guests rock out to dance floor music

bride and groom at the alter close up

bride and groom pose outside greenhouse in Kew gardens


Florists: Pollen Nation –

Rings: Ryan Nelson London –

Catering Company: Caper & Berry –


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