Jazmin & Mike | Colourful Summer London Wedding

outdoor quirky alternative London wedding detail

“Jonny is such fun to be around! The style and vibrant colours of his images capturing those otherwise forgotten moments is priceless.”


Jazmin & Mike were childhood sweethearts! Meeting way back in school, but both in different years with different partners at the time. Mike left for University and they soon realised they were more than friends! A long distance relationship between Bristol and Norwich, then London and Norwich lasted for about 6 years. Eventually moving in together in Bow, London. Two years later Mike proposed whilst in New York City!

Mike had planned everything perfectly, he knew Central Park was her favourite place in the city. Research done he decided to propose on Bow Bridge. Somewhere they could revisit in years to come and a nice link back to where they were living together in London! Riding through Central Park by horse and cart on a very snowy December night, Mike did a beautiful speech on the bridge. Just like in the movies! Jazmin, of course, said yes! Same night in a Jazz bar Mike had arranged for the pianist to play ” When I fall in love” by Nat King Cole, a loving tribute to their Grandparents.

What a wonderful, thoughtful, sentimental day that must have been! I should add that Jazmin twigged the proposal was happening earlier in the day. Mike nervously began to down several pints of beer whilst repeatedly stating how nice she looked. She soon grew suspicious!


We planned everything ourselves! We didn’t even consider hiring a wedding planner as we knew we wanted a fun, intimate and local wedding. The plans just happened organically over the 18 months we were engaged. Our wedding was to reflect both of our characters. Ultimately representing a typical “Mike and Jaz” day in East London with our closest friends and family.

Living on the canal in Bow, and wanted to hire somewhere we knew. We often went for breakfast at a venue in Hackney, and thought it would be a perfect blank canvas to decorate for our wedding reception. Sadly, costs spiralled and about 8 months before our wedding we couldn’t afford to proceed! Whilst reflecting about what to do next, we walked down the canal to Limehouse and sat in The Yurt Cafe. A local community project in our area that do fabulous tea and cake. Suddenly, we looked at each other and thought that a Yurt would be quite cool. Asking there and then if we could hire the Yurt,  they said yes!

Our church, was my Dad’s church which Mike & I had attended on and off for a number of years, next to my childhood home. My Dad conducted the service! I walked down the aisle to the traditional bridal march, played by a trio of piano, violin and cello.

Hanging wedding dress reflecting in bedroom dressing mirror

Elderly wedding guest sits patiently in armchair

wedding day scene as guests greet each other outside in the sun

groomsmen adjust flower detail on the grooms suit

Vicar sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time

bridesmaids hold the brides veil as they walk down London street

Bride and groom walk back down the church aisle

wedding guests laughing and having fun outside venue

Summer wedding guests try to entertain young children

bride with big balloon by wedding bus provided by red route master

Documentary style photo London wedding day scene

guests take photos on the colourful London wedding bus

bride and groom kiss as guests sit aboard the London Route master bus

Summer in London with streets filled with graffiti

Wedding canal boat by Alfred Le Roy and wall graffiti detail

bride and groom laughing on board with colourful sunglasses

London wedding guests enjoy the sun out on the roof of the canal boat

bride and groom joke around as the boat goes under bridge

Quirky alternative London wedding in summer on canal boat

Wedding guests kiss side of Alfred Le Roy boat detail

wedding guests on board boat wearing bright coloured sunglasses

wedding guests point in amazement on board the London party boat

wedding guests listen to the speeches on boat

wedding guest makes dramatic speech to bride and groom


 The whole experience of finding a dress was really stressful! I had absolutely no idea what style of dress I wanted. There was quite a few unsuccessful shopping trips. About 6 months before the wedding, I found a local seamstress, Pearl, who had a very cool wagon studio next to our reception venue, The Yurt Cafe. We went through lots of photos of wedding dresses and she asked me to explain what I did or didn’t like about each dress. Pearl then sat in front of me and drew a sketch of a dress that she thought met all my requirements. It was perfect! I felt so lucky to have a completely bespoke dress and veil made for me. I picked everything; the silk satin material, the lace design on the sleeves and the buttons. I felt great in it all through the wedding day!

As a groom, I wanted to wear a colour that suited me that my wife-to-be liked, so I went for a dark blue. The suit was something special and completely bespoke. I looked about for a tailors in London that could do something to my liking and found Dress 2 Kill in Waterloo, London. I’d heard of them before as they sponsor the rugby team I support (Harlequins) and it turns out they’ve kitted a few Quins players out with their wedding attire too, so I was in good hands. They fashioned up an awesome suit and I got to choose everything, from the hot pink detailing and lining to the wedding date stitched in to the inside as well. I paired it with some solid, British-made dark brown shoes and voila, my outfit was sorted.

The bridesmaids dresses were from Coast. It was a very last minute purchase as one of my bridesmaids was heavily pregnant and due the week of the wedding! Baby girl decided to make an early appearance however, as my Maid of Honour went into labour on my hen do!! All three bridesmaids managed to wear the same blush pink dress and they all looked stunning!

bride tries on pink sunglasses alternative London wedding

bride and groom kiss on Alfred Le Roy party boat

wedding guest makes funny speech to bride and groom on boat

bride and groom walk off the boat in London dockyard

bridesmaids holds champagne whilst bride drinks in the sun

groom holding flowers adjusts his tie and suit by dress 2 kill

wedding guests walk over London dockyard bridge canal in the sun

bride and groom stroll holding hands by the canal in London

bride and groom pose for the camera together under London bridge

bridesmaids and groomsmen pose under large London bridge

bride and groom holding hands under London bridge

bride plays with her veil in the wind as light falls

bride and groom in slither of light black and white portrait

Colourful London wedding bride and groom

bride carries her dress as she strolls through the streets of London

bride and groom in London church holding bouquet by wild renata flowers

Bride and groom confetti shower as sun sets in London

wedding guest enjoys playing with space hoppers outside

wedding guests enjoy a game of swing ball in the sun in London

Yurt wedding floral ceiling decorations provided by wild renata flowers

bride and groom bounce on the space hoppers quirky London wedding


Drink lots of champagne! Listen to your fiance and no-one else. Enjoy planning your wedding day. We made it clear that it would be a small day (with only about 30 guests), that was quite casual and all about celebrating our love and our life in East London.

We did a LOT of research of photographers, and sat with a vast spreadsheet of possible photographers. Vibrant colours and his unique style jumped out at us and we agreed that remembering the day, capturing those otherwise forgotten moments was priceless. Absolutely no regrets! We both felt so at ease with Jonny, bizarrely the first time we met face to face was on the wedding morning and yet it felt like an old friend had popped by! He was completely unobtrusive, and such fun to be around! He actually helped give our, quite casual day, some well-needed structure and fitted in with our friends and family seamlessly. If we were to recommend him to anyone we would simply say: Do. It. Now.

wedding guests race each other on the space hoppers

Orange space hopper thrown into the air against blue sky

reflection of pink and blue ice cream van in corner mirror

bride and groom inside colourful ice cream truck

bride and groom lick ice cream in front of colourfully painted wall

Alternative quirky London wedding venue bride groom ice cream

 Wedding guests wearing colourful floral dresses enjoy ice cream

bride and groom by shipping container at alternative London venue

groom and bride show off wedding dress by yellow shipping container

wedding guest gets hit by space hopper outside alternative London venue

bride kicks space hopper at Yurt cafe wedding venue London

bride and groom embrace for first dance outside London venue

bride and groom dance under London pub umbrellas

bride and groom dance and sing as wedding guests blow bubbles

bride and groom cut cake inside alternative London yurt wedding venue

wedding guests tuck into cake at the yurt party

bride holds bouquet of flowers aloft

wedding guests celebrate marriage with sparklers at night exit


Make up artists: Laura Pye, Charlotte Tilbury // Florists: Lara Sanjar, Wild Renata Flowers // Rings: Blue Nile, Mike designed my engagement ring with them, so we wanted to get our wedding bands from them too. // Cake: Me – I made it myself! // Catering Company: The Yurt Cafe // Entertainment: Alba & Leo (we heard them play in our local pub and booked them the same night!) // Transport: Red Route Master and of course Alfred Le Roy boat!


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