Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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After a lifetime scouring the internet, you think you’ve found ‘the one’.

No, not your partner silly, your wedding photographer!

Hats off to you! Finding the perfect photographer is no mean feat. Especially as there are about 100 per wedding in the UK (I actually have no idea what the stats are but you catch my drift). But, just wait a minute – hold fire before you sign on the dotted line and confirm your booking my eager friend. There are a few critical things to keep in mind before you sign a contract. What’s that? No contract? Umm.. get the hell out of there and don’t look back! You need to know exactly what you’re getting in the deal. Absolutely everything should be outlined in a contract. Nothing should be left out, however small. If you’re ever unclear on something in a contract, ask your photographer to clarify. They should be happy to oblige. If they’re not, this is another sign you should run!

What are the important questions to ask your wedding photographer? Well, when it comes to putting your trust in a photographer’s hands to capture your big day there’s no such thing as a silly question! During our first discussion, chances are I will have answered everything you need to know before you have a chance to ask *toots own horn emphatically*.

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Some important questions to ask your wedding photographer:

  • Can they show you a gallery of images of one wedding from start to finish?
  • Do they have full liability and indemnity insurance?
  • Do they charge for travel and accommodation expenses?
  • How long are they at the wedding for?
  • Do they work alone?
  • When will you receive the images?
  • How many images should you expect?
  • In what format and how are the images delivered?
  • What are the print and album options?
  • What if they’re ill on the day and unable to make it?


Although there are many questions to ask your wedding photographer, the most important one of all is one to ask yourself. Do I feel a positive connection with this photographer and do I trust them to capture the biggest day of my life?

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Still searching for your ideal wedding photographer?

Let’s cut to the chase. Budgets play a big role in planning a wedding and you need to be 100% confident you are making a sound investment and spending wisely. One thing I’d advise you not to scrimp on is your photography. It’s one of the only things from your big day that will last forever. You do not want to be disappointed and live with wedding day regrets

Here are a few red flags..

They shoot 100+ weddings a year

Well, busier isn’t always better. Someone shoots 100+ weddings in a year, either they’re shooting back-to-back every single weekend, or they’re hiring associate photographers to fill their shoes. If they’re doing it all themselves, do they seem dispassionate or worn out? If they’re hiring an associate, is it a reputable professional or a random freelancer? Make sure you know who will be rocking up with the camera on your wedding day, and that they’re committed to the job!

They are offering a discount.

Don’t let a big discount be your deciding factor. If you hate the result, then it wasn’t a bargain! Good wedding photographers pay taxes, have insurance and invest heavily in high-end gear and professional software. Price can be reflective of this and of their experience.

One of your guests has a really good camera.

They’re an inexperienced friend or family member looking to get into photography. They have a really expensive camera. Maybe they’ve offered you pictures for free! Great, right? Well, no. Weddings are a tough gig with a lot of variables, and you risk bad blood if they screw up. What if you don’t love the photos, or even worse, your images get lost because your pal has mad skills but no file-backup system? Maybe your shutter-happy uncle heads to the bar for a quick pint during your first dance..

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I hope you’ve taken some value from these important questions to ask your wedding photographer. If so I’d love to hear from you!

I limit the number of weddings I do every year as it keeps me fresh and I can give each one my fullest attention. I’d hate to be churning out the same cookie-cutter set of images every weekend. That’s just not me! Each wedding is as individual as the couple, and creating images that reflect their personality is my top priority. 

If you love the images you see here and on the rest of the website head to the contact page or email me on to check my availability for your wedding date.