wedding guests celebrate wedding on the dancefloor

Hampton Manor Indian Wedding | West Midlands Venue



bride and groom make way to wedding location

hotel room decoration and surrounding detail

wedding guests prepare before wedding together

bride arrives hand-in-hand with groom to wedding

wedding guest checks phone at alter candid

wedding guest enjoys music on the dance floor

ring holder awaits the bride and groom at alter

wedded couple share first dance while family gazes over

guests celebrate wedding with flower petals

hampton manor hall with lunch tables detail

wedding guests unite and party on the dance floor

brides hands with henna detail

groom staring at bride down the aisle out of focus

wedding guest watches football at dinner table candid

bride and groom enter the dance floor in style

live band outfit and instrument detail

wedding guest gives dramatic speech

wedding guests pose for photos candid image

rose decorated wedding cake sat on table detail

bride and groom kiss as sun rises over hampton manor

wedding guests embrace with young flower girl

bride embraces with young relative

groom enjoys participating in indian wedding traditions

bride laughs at husbands cheesy wedding speech

wedding guests perform traditional indian wedding rituals

bride and groom thank the wedding guests for attending their ceremony

wedding guests all dance together on the dance floor

young wedding guest chats to other wedding guest while holding bouquet

bride gazes out window black and white portrait

young wedding guest tucks in to fish and chips

wedding guests share a drink in lobby

wedding guests all greet and interact at lunch table

bride cringes at embarrassing wedding speech

wedding guest dances to the music on the dance floor

young wedding guests embrace while groom reads speech

wedding guests all enjoy the music at the party

young wedding guest walks down aisle candid

bride nibbles and tries the wedding cake

bride and groom embrace in hampton manor garden

young bridesmaid reads vows for bride and groom

brides relatives hand her over to the groom at the alter

bride and bridesmaids pose together in traditional indian wedding dresses

male wedding guests all pose together

bride and groom share dance on dance floor

groomsmen joke and greet each other

bride and groom kiss in front of tall trees in hampton manor garden

young wedding guest enjoys drink candid image

wedding guest takes a tumble on the dance floor candid



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