Documentary Photographer, Green Spirit

I recently enrolled on a documentary photography workshop. An experience which not only completely changed the way I approach being a documentary photographer but has since influenced my day-to-day outlook on all sorts of things in life.  One key lesson I learned; in order to improve I must push my photography in ways that I may not have done so before; to step outside my comfort zone, to experiment and in turn to improve my daily practice.  Putting this challenge to the test I documented part of a day of a complete stranger with no more or no less than 20 frames.

Meet Michael. He’s a familiar face within my hometown of Nailsworth in Gloucestershire. He opened Green Spirit 13 years ago with the desire for it to be more than just a health food shop. From day one the shop’s ethos was simple: organic and local. It’s Michael’s passion for his produce and his connection with like-minded customers that sets Green Spirit above and beyond. I quickly got the impression that people didn’t come here to simply ‘shop’. Instead they take time to explore. They chat over a coffee. They don’t come because it’s a health food shop. They come because of the green spirited man that is Michael.

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