Chateau la Durantie Wedding Photos | Laura & Ian

French Chateau Wedding Photos

Chateau la Durantie Wedding is a dream come true

Before I chatter all excitedly about these Chateau la Durantie wedding photos I do have a confession. It seems like I haven’t blogged a wedding for months. The reality is, well, I haven’t. So far I’ve been having the summer of a lifetime. I’ve shot so many weddings it’s been undoubtedly my busiest wedding season yet. It feels like at times I’ve just had my head down (or glued to a camera) and burrowed away into a world of weddings galore. I haven’t come up for air to reflect or to share with you what I’ve been up to.

It’s an excuse to say I’ve simply been too busy to write about any weddings. I have certainly been busy, however, as a result I have shirked from the opportunities to sing and shout about a wedding season of which a year ago I could only of dreamed about.

I know simply shooting the weddings is not enough. That sounds obvious when you say it aloud but I’m still learning and always will be. There is no momentous effort required to achieve a little self-promotion, all I need is to nurture some self-belief and to start looking at my photography more as a business. It is after all my livelihood. So, a promise to myself  for the world to see- Do not be scared to self promote and to push outside of your comfort zone.

French fairy tale wedding is simply perfect

Let me start with this Romantic French Chateau Wedding of Ian & Laura. This will always be a special day for me as much as for Ian & Laura. This was my first wedding abroad and so it marks a point in my career which I dreamt about since becoming a wedding photographer. I was so excited and nervous about shooting it! Located in the Dordogne, Chateau Durantie specialise in fairy tale weddings. There’s not many weddings which I can only describe as simply perfect. This has to be one of them.

I arrived the day before to meet the guys and to familiarise myself with the outstandingly beautiful surroundings. We shot a few portraits at the pre-wedding party and it was then I knew Ian & Laura were my kind of people. Super chilled out with wicked senses of humour. I love how these guys gelled together, completely at ease with themselves and with me. By the time the wedding rolled around it felt like I’d known them for a long time.

I think I laughed all day. I forgot from the off that I had been super nervous and that is only testament to these guys. Be sure to check out their pre-wedding shoot over on the blog. Without further ado here’s their day seen through my eyes.

French Chateau Wedding Bride and Bridesmaid PhotoFrench Chateau Wedding Brides dress detailFrench Chateau Wedding documentary photographyFrench Chateau groom looking out the windowFrench Chateau Wedding groom looking smartFrench Chateau Wedding bride and mini bridesmaidFrench Chateau Wedding bride and bridesmaids on bedFrench Chateau Wedding tearful groomFrench Chateau Wedding first look photoFrench Chateau Wedding laughing bridesmaidsFrench Chateau Wedding cheering the bride and groom photoFrench Chateau Wedding children photoFrench Chateau Wedding party at the poolFrench Chateau Wedding kissing in the greenhouseFrench Chateau Wedding portraitsFrench Chateau Wedding speeches in marquee photoFrench Chateau Wedding emotional speeches photoFrench Chateau Wedding grooms speech photoFrench Chateau Wedding reaction to speeches photoFrench Chateau Wedding candid photoFrench Chateau Wedding candid children photoChateau Durantie modern wedding photographyChateau Durantie wedding garden marqueeChateau Durantie first dance at weddingChateau Durantie sun setting at wedding photoChateau Durantie party at the wedding in FranceChateau Durantie throwing the bouquet photoChateau Durantie drunken groomsmen photo


Love the look of this destination wedding photography? Getting married at Chateau la Durantie, or anywhere else for that matter?

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