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Logis Puygaty Wedding Venue in France

“Jonny, you knocked the ball out the park with your photos! You delivered amazing results! Everyone who has seen your pictures have genuinely said they are the best  destination wedding photos they have seen and I know for sure they are not just passing lip service”

How did you two meet?

Sam and I met in a local bar on Christmas Eve 2007. I was studying in Surrey while Sam was working in Manchester and we were both back to spend Christmas with our families. He proposed on my 30th birthday in December 2013.

Why choose a Logis de Puygaty wedding?

When I first searched for wedding venues in France, a picture of this venue came up and I fell in love with it. It took another few months to locate the venue and when we visited, it was just perfect for how we envisaged our day.

Where was your wedding and what was the inspiration?

Our wedding was on 4th July 2015 at Logis de Puygaty, SW France. We wanted our day to be relaxed, informal and to really represent us as a couple. The day was about celebrating with some of our closest family and friends, not just about ‘us’. We did not over decorate the venue but instead allowed for the rural aspect of France and the natural beauty of the venue to shine through. All of the smaller details were personal, such as having friend’s nicknames on the table plan and name places. We also used a polaroid camera to ensure we had a picture of all the guests and to create instant memories of our day. All female guests were provided with a pair of flip-flops to wear for comfort if they preferred and this meant no excuses for not dancing all night.

What advice would you give to future brides for their wedding day?

Marian: Brides should not feel that they have to stick to tradition throughout their day. Choose which traditions are meaningful and incorporate them to suit the day and the couple. I wore a white evening dress rather than a wedding dress which suited the day perfectly. Pick a dress that you feel stunning yet comfortable in.

Sam: Be comfortable in what you wear. Don’t feel forced to follow current fashion or having to stick to the realms of tradition when choosing your suit. Wear something that suits you and your style. Rid yourself of the feeling of having to impress or keep up with the Jones’, do whatever is natural for you both and represents you as a couple.

Were you nervous? If so, how did you tame your wedding day nerves?

Neither Sam or I were too nervous on the day. Against tradition, we spent the night before the wedding together and had breakfast together. Having him there helped me to relax.

What was your biggest surprise on your wedding day?

How I valued having time with just Sam. I had been advise from others to spend some time alone as a couple throughout the day but did not value this until the day itself. Although we initially didn’t want many couple portraits, this was an excellent time to take time out and reflect on the day.

Logis Puygaty Wedding Venue DonkeysLogis Puygaty ring and flowers photoLogis Puygaty wedding shoes photoLogis Puygaty wedding dress photoLogis Puygaty bride walking down the stairsLogis Puygaty getting ready photoLogis Puygaty groom getting ready photoLogis Puygaty groom wearing suit and sunglasses photoLogis Puygaty bridal prep make up photoLogis Puygaty make up close up photoLogis Puygaty bride with bridesmaid walking photoLogis Puygaty kissing the bride photoLogis Puygaty outside ceremony photoLogis Puygaty outside confetti photoLogis Puygaty repotage wedding photoLogis Puygaty candid wedding photoLogis Puygaty romantic portrait photoLogis Puygaty bride and gromm smiling photoLogis Puygaty children at wedding photoLogis Puygaty wedding decor photoLogis Puygaty sunhats for the men photoLogis Puygaty guests at table photoLogis Puygaty guests at table photoLogis Puygaty children playing games photoLogis Puygaty children playing games outside photoLogis Puygaty guest with polaroid cameraLogis Puygaty bride and groom in doorwayLogis Puygaty bride in golden sunlightLogis Puygaty group photo as sun setsLogis Puygaty girls group photo as sun setsLogis Puygaty bride with her girls photoLogis Puygaty men with cigars photoLogis Puygaty girls jumping with joy photoLogis Puygaty beautiful french sun portraitLogis Puygaty modern wedding photographyLogis Puygaty wedding photography bride and groomLogis Puygaty bride and groom holding hands under treesLogis Puygaty wedding bandLogis Puygaty wedding band singerLogis Puygaty wedding dancefloor movesLogis Puygaty wedding party photo


Planners: Marry Me in France

Florist: Laure Braud: Les Fleurs De L’Or. It was very important to Marian and Sam that the flowers were perfect. The bouquet was made up of amnesia roses, eucalyptus, cream lysanthium and white trachelium. For the aisles, they had a single amnesia rose places on the end chair of the rows. For the main wedding tables the same flowers were presented in a range of mixed mercury and glass vases.

Musicians: Tomorrow band

Chef: Ludovic Merle


Love the look of this destination wedding photography? Thinking of having a Logis de Puygaty wedding, or are you getting married in France?

 If you think my wedding photos doth butter your croissant then please get in touch. I’d love to hear more about you, your wedding day plans and what you want from your destination wedding photographer.


  1. Lucy Turnbull

    I love how calm and how much space you’ve created in the morning images.
    And how the intensity of the day builds visually.
    Everyone looks so very at ease with your camera which is no mean feat.
    Cracking rep work there 🙂

  2. Gary (aka Marshal Gray)

    Such a brilliant set Jonny. Gorgeous light, so sensitive. I also love the consistency of the post-production and I love the photo-journalism in particular. The way you have set-the-scene early on with location is great. Good skills man.

  3. Susie Lawrence

    Gorgeous work. You’ve captured the essence of the place and the couple brilliantly. The kids pictures are great – the boys in hats and the girl cartwheeling. I love that you’ve included some informal group shots with lots of character. I shy away from including them in my blog in case it encourages more group shots! But why not really what’s wrong with a great group shot like these when everyone’s prepared to have a bit of fun in the French sunshine? I especially love the later ones as the sun dips and the light gets softer and you’ve really made the most of that. Fantastic work.

  4. jonny

    Thank you Susie. I love your work especially your French shoots, very inspirational.. thanks for commenting x

  5. jonny

    Thanks Gary! 🙂

  6. jonny

    Thanks for commenting Lucy. I do try and create a sense of calm and anticipation, particularly during the bridal prep! x

  7. Paula

    This looks like an amazing wedding, beautifully captured. There is a very languid and laid back feel to this set of images. And the light is to die for! Very nice work.

  8. Gaëtan Gaumy

    Great work Jonny! A really good mix with photo-journalism, candid picture and some beautiful portrait! I really like the one with the picture of the dog looking at the dress and the one with the bride going down the stair while someone open the fridge!

  9. Marina

    Love the donkeys image at the beginning, you capture something in their eyes. These detail photos used as some kind of introduction are great. Loving the image of her walking down the stairs while somebody is opening the fridge… I’m in love with it, it’s so perfect!!
    Beautiful use of light in the bride preparation. Loving your colour photographs.
    Amazing set.

  10. Pat Kelman

    Oh Jonny I love these! They’re so richly textured and utterly beautiful. Confident, assured work mate. I love the relaxed vibe and the shots of the kids playing are superb. These are high class work and I’m sure the couple and all their family and guests will be utterly gobsmacked. Stunning.

  11. Katie de Silva

    I love how subtle the daytime images are and so refined then come night time the couple’s rock & roll side come out! I love the group shots of the bride & groom with their friends. I love how you’ve captured the charm of the location and reflected how relaxed everyone is, soaking up the sun. A beautiful collection of very rustic and elegant photographs from what looks like a wonderful day 🙂

  12. Claudia Rose Carter

    Jonny – your work just goes from strength to strength and I’ve been so lucky to have witnessed it. These are simply stunning. Love the simplicity, the clean lines. You’ve shot the light wonderfully — that sunshine!!! Beautiful xx

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