Domestic Science Portrait Photography Shoot


Sometimes I stumble upon a location or walk into a room & I know I have to take photos there. Sometimes I meet people and I know I have to take photos of them. It’s just one of those things. This shoot is both of those things. A gorgeous, unused space seeped in beautiful light, plus Lucy & Adam; I met Lucy whilst doing a blog about Nom Nom Cupcakery in Nailsworth. The space is above Domestic Science, a seriously cool shop offering unique home wares and vintage pieces, check out their Facebook page here

Domestic Science Attic Space PhotoDomestic Science Couples in Love PhotoDomestic Science Couple Holding Each OtherDomestic Science Quirky Portrait PhotoDomestic Science Modern Portrait PhotoDomestic Science Fashion Portrait PhotoDomestic Science Bride with TattoosDomestic Science Moody Sitting Down PortraitDomestic Science Couple Laughing PhotoDomestic Science Artistic PortraitDomestic Science Mirror PhotoDomestic Science Chairs and Tables PortraitDomestic Science Mirror Detail PhotoDomestic Science Hand TattoosDomestic Science Hand Tattoos Colour PortraitDomestic Science Romantic PhotoDomestic Science Romantic close Up PhotoDomestic Science Romantic Black and White PhotoDomestic Science Romantic Window Light Photo