Cyprus Wedding Photography

Cyprus Wedding Photography | A Destination Engagement Shoot

Trying to put my experience of shooting this destination engagement session in Cyprus into words is a hard shout. I have no bones in saying that it was, along with the traditional Greek Wedding which followed the next day, the highlight of my modest photography career. I was so excited about this gig; Penny & Ed are both down to earth and full of love and life – quite simply the sort of people that I love to photograph. The fact that they were going for a full-on traditional Greek affair in Cyprus is the sort of double-whammy that doesn’t come along that often.

A Dream Wedding Destination

This was undoubtedly a dream come true for me. Shooting dream wedding destinations is such a privilege. I wanted to savour every moment. The whole experience will stay with me for a very long time. From booking those flights to Paphos, to arriving in the dead of night and having to find my accommodation by driving an hour North to the coast, to waking the next day to a sea view like no other. I will also remember the mixture of excitement and nerves.  I mean how did this happen? Me, being paid to be there, to create, to do what I love! Amazing. Scary.

Pre-Wedding Photography in the Cyprus Countryside

There was a day spare before the wedding, which I was massively grateful for. I needed to get my bearings and man alive I needed to get used to the heat! It was unbelievably hot, so much so the hardened locals were complaining.  This would not be a climate sympathetic to a hangover, of which Ed had, and not just your run of the mill hangover. He’d been out drinking with his Greek family to be, proving his worth in the form of Ouzo shots and Greek dance moves. Despite the pounding sun (and his pounding head) he manned up and we went for a little sight-seeing tour of the beautiful village, Neo Chorio, where Penny grew up. We explored the surrounding countryside and as I started to take photos I had a sudden realisation that all the nerves had subsided. Taking in where we were, looking at who I was with, the thought of having any nerves now seemed implausible. I was absorbed in a unique, rugged and ancient landscape. In the distance the sun twinkled on the azure ocean. I was surrounded by beauty.

 You can now check out their Anassa Hotel Wedding Venue photos


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Have you booked the Anassa Hotel as your wedding venue or are you thinking of doing so? If you like the look of this Cyprus wedding photography please get in touch with Jonny – I’d love to hear more about you, your wedding day plans and what you want from your Cyprus wedding photographer.