bride and groom celebrate wedding with traditional limbo

“We wanted our photographer to capture the atmosphere of the day. Something Jonny absolutely nailed! Thanks to the photos we have forever memories.”

Court Lodge Wedding Venue | Stansted | Kent

Rosie & Will were introduced through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. They haven’t looked back since!  Now they’re happily married I asked what are they most looking forward to as a married couple? Rosie said no longer having to spell out her maiden name. Will? Not feeling guilty about having a beer instead of going to the gym! Amen to that brother.

Will is from south London and Rosie was born in Dover, so they told people that Stansted was half way between the two. Not strictly true, but close enough that it sounded about right. In reality, they preferred a Kent wedding and the barn and St Mary’s church in Stansted ticked all the boxes. It was a huge benefit too that it was an easy journey from London, as that’s where most of the guests live. No wedding planner was involved on the day but the caterers and florist were apparently super helpful with that kind of help. Court Lodge looks so brilliant in all it’s rustic barn glory that very little needed doing to it for the big day.

Wedding Day Details | Rosie & Will

Will likes his craft beers and as the venue was a dry hire it was nice to be able to tailor the drinks to ourselves and our guests. Definitely a detail that had put us off several other venues with a much more restrictive drinks list. Our table names were pictures of us during our childhood, mostly from when we were babies/toddlers. We were struggling to come up with an original/amusing table names and it seemed like everything had been done already. This seemed like a fun idea that had obviously been done before, but our own photos put a personal touch to it. Photos of our parent’s weddings at the barn entrance. They’re our inspiration!

wedding guests cheer and dance on the dancefloor

bride and groom embrace and kiss under fairy lights

phone playing En Vogue into a stereo detail

bride watches in awe as husband slides on wedding ring

baby drinking and eating with wedding guests candid

wedding guest child plants champagne glass of water into the garden

wedding guests in hysterics after funny wedding speech

wedding guests party and enjoy the music on the dance floor

groom and groomsmen drinking and posing for the camera

bride and groom share a moment sat on brick wall outside

wedding guests watch as pastor leaves the churchyard

wedding guest boogies and dances to their favourite song on the dance floor

groom waits patiently at alter for bride to arrive

wedding guests and bride preparing and getting their makeup done

candid wedding guest enjoys the fun accessories with big glasses and chilly hat

wedding guests watch as guest entertains them by teaching them how to barn dance

bride and groom finally kiss earning an applause from wedding guests

wedding guests pose and laugh with silly accessories

groom rubs confetti out of his eye as the guests celebrate

wedding guests eat small kebabs being passed around provided by urban pantry

bride and groom sit together and gaze at the countryside a Court Lodge

Hermione de Paula Designer Wedding Dress

Hermione de Paula is a bespoke dress designer. A friend forwarded me a link on Instagram basically saying it was the most ‘me’ dress she’d ever seen. She was right! Along the way I discovered I loathed anything really traditional and bridal so this dress was a perfect fit for my taste and personal style. All the detail in the embroidery and embellishment was just amazing. I wanted something form fitting (no meringues!) that was easy to walk around in and comfortable to dance in. The back was the cherry on top of the cake. Sheer with buttons all the way down. It took forever to get on and off but it was so worth it!

Groom’s attire was from Birkett Tailors. Will doesn’t wear suits often so it was nice to get something special made. He always had a brown 3 piece in mind but Neil did the rest. We were absolutely blown away with the result. Bridesmaid’s dresses were from Rewritten. Everyone wore their own shoes!

Advice to those planning a wedding

 On the day just know everything will work out fine! Your bridesmaids and family will make sure of that. Also, know that you’re not doing everything alone. Your husband/bride to be will be waiting for you at the end of that aisle holding your hand! You’re in it together! I was a very nervous bride and as soon as I saw Will waiting for me I was absolutely fine and loved every second of it!

Don’t worry about little mistakes and screw ups. They break the tension and allow people to have a laugh! For us they were some of the most memorable parts of the day. Don’t drink too much until your responsibilities are out the way. Luckily this was advice that had been passed onto me and I didn’t have to learn from experience! Enjoy it, and try to savour it. It goes SO quickly.

If you can get as much done early on then you take a lot of the stress out of it. When those jobs do start piling up just take one job each day (every day!) and just keep chipping away at it. You don’t need to do everything all at once.

tree outside wedding bar at Court Lodge detail

wedding guest plays limbo with food in one hand and balancing himself with the other

grooms suit and dog sniffing camera detail

bridesmaid and father of the bride help bride out of car

vintage wedding cake surrounded by decorations and photos detail

wedding guests chat and share a drink in the garden of Court Lodge

candid mothers carrying their children on the dance floor

wedding guests dance and spin each other on the dance floor

wedding guest smoking a pipe detail

wedding guests pouring champagne black and white

wedding guests and their children enjoy platters being passed around

Wedding day memories

Thanks to the photos that show so much of the day we have forever memories. We were both very touched by how supportive all our friends and family were during the service when they were asked whether they would love and support us in our marriage. The vicar said it was the loudest “We will!” that he had ever heard.

We wanted our photographer to capture the atmosphere of the day. Something Jonny absolutely nailed! And to have at least a few photos of us where we look half decent! A tough ask. It was always a joy working with Jonny! And in the nicest possible way, we hardly remember him being around for the most part, but he still managed to produce so many amazing photos.

bridesmaids gather and adjust wedding guests suit

wedding guest plays limbo under makeshift tie limbo pole

wedding guests celebrate and chant on the dance floor

bridesmaids pose with bride and groom with bouquets by moody blooms

bride laughs at wedding speech while sat at dinner table

groom poses under small brick arch

bride gazes at groom while her dad hands her over

wedding guest hides under hat on the dance floor

wedding guests cheer and party to celebrate the married couple

groom blushes as guest reads out embarrassing speech

wedding guest sips on champagne as guests enjoy the weather

wedding guest gets blindfolded by tie on the dance floor

groom and groomsmen chat and have a drink outside

wedding guest holds small baby as bride enters venue detail

wedding guests cheat in a game of limbo by crawling

bride and groom laugh and embrace outside

The Court Lodge Wedding Suppliers

Make up artists: Alex Taylor

Florists: Moody Blooms

Rings: Simon Lauder – did an amazing job on several of our friend’s rings so it was a no-brainer.

Cake: Rachel Parkhouse (Will’s sister!)

Catering Company: Urban Pantry

Entertainment: Barn dance – Paul Hurst

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