bride and groom stroll through garden at colourful cotswold wedding

“Jonny, it was just brilliant having you there. I can’t imagine anyone else could have made us and our families feel so at ease and happy.”

Paul proposed on the Milford on Sea beach as the sun was setting. He got down on one knee. One very soggy knee later and they were officially engaged. Fast forward to their Cotswold garden wedding, the inspiration being the beautifully manicured garden of Becky’s parent’s home in Gloucestershire. I love that they held their outdoors ceremony in the round and Becky’s brother, Gareth, was the celebrant. Having always wanted there to be a wedding in her parent’s garden, she was thrilled when they agreed to play host to her big day. Cue much preparations from Mum and Dad! Dad even built the structure they used as a dance floor! Skills!

Cotswold Garden Wedding | Gloucestershire | UK

My dress was from Needle and Thread. I have loved the Needle and Thread style for a long time. I bought the bridesmaid dresses from there first, then chose mine. It was the first and only dress I tried! My lovely earnings were from Catherine Zoraida 

For Paul, Ted Baker was heavily involved. Bow ties for himself and the groomsmen were made by Gung Ho! They donate money from every purchase to Bee charities!

Advice I would now give to future brides for their wedding day? Start getting ready really early. Don’t mess around with chairs and bunting. Make sure you get a photograph with your mum. Enjoy every minute. Practice your first dance in your wedding day shoes!  Most of all – don’t get carried away, remember why you’re doing it. Now we’re happily married I have to say we’re looking forward to not planning a wedding and people not asking us when we are going to get married!

From our wedding photography we wanted incredible moments caught for ever, which Jonny did for us. Thank you so, so much Jonny, it was just brilliant having you there. I can’t imagine anyone else could have made us and our families feel so at ease and happy.

bride and groom sit hand in hand outside with guests

colourful wedding bouquet detail

wedding guests hands reaching for ice cream detail

bride pushes groom on giant swing in cotswold woodland

young wedding guest looks at camera during speeches candid

wedding guest prepares for game of darts

bride and groom smile and pose for camera portrait

pizza served out of portable pizza van detail

bride and groom sit on doorstep grinning at each other

bride and groom pose with best man and bridesmaids outside

wedding guests dance and party outside

bride does makeup in mirror reflection detail

wedded couple play outside in young guests rough game

bride and groom kiss and guests celebrate with confetti

bride and groom smile as vows are read at alter

bride and groom kiss and embrace by mossy shed in woodland

wedding guests arrive in hotel as they spot brides wedding dress

bride and groom throw wedding bouquets in forest

groom and best man embrace before wedding begins

best man grins as he reads wedding speech out

wedding guests next to back of ice cream truck detail

wedding guest reading speech outside detail

bride and groom share first dance on wooden bandstand

bride and groom head into the forest as they hike

wedding cards and wine bottles in hotel room detail

groom and best man have a laugh in garden before wedding

photo book and polaroid camera on bench detail

music sheet of wedding band on bandstand detail

wedding guests smile and giggle on dance floor

wedded couple and wedding guests dance in the cotswold garden

bride and groom embracing together portrait

wedding guests sing and scream along to song on dance floor

garden wedding fairy lights at night landscape

bride and groom stroll through the cotswold woodland

bride and groom embrace in the garden

bride and groom smile as they arrive at alter

best man adjust grooms suit before wedding

bride getting her hair done at hotel

guests watch as bride and groom kiss at alter

wedding guest adjusts flower arrangements on tables

wedding guests hug as they reunite with old friends

best man cheers as he finishes wedding speech

bride and groom on giant swing in woodland garden

wedding guest holding drink and ice cream candid detail

bride and groom sing along to first dance song

bride admires as groom puts her ring on at alter

wedding guests at garden marquee speeches

best men adjust each others suits before wedding

wedded couple admire the woods on their forest stroll

bride and groom embrace black and white portrait

wedding guest grins as she poses with ice cream

wedding speeches brings tears to guests eyes

young wedding guest smiles at camera with other guests detail

wedding guests sat in alter circle outside in field

portable pizza van smokes as the freshly bakes pizzas are served at wedding feast

groom smiling and laughing black and white portrait

bride in beautiful lacy dress holding blooming bouquet

best men and groom in their suits detail

grooms suit and bow tie detail

wedding guests flowers on cardboard detail

guests play on small woodland park area

young wedding guest eating ice cream candid close up

bride and groom tuck into ice cream from ice cream truck

bride pushes groom on giant swing in woodland

wedding guest party and dance on dance floor

wedding guests admire the wedding cake and macaroons

wedding guests confused by horse shoes on floor

wedding guests drink and sing on dance floor

groom smiles as he reads final wedding speech

wedding guests stand as bride arrives

wedding guests gasp as they see brides dress candid

wedding guests grin as they pour a drink of champagne

groom admires bride as she walks down aisle

wedding guest is handed whippy ice cream by groom

bride and father of the bride walk down aisle as guests watch

bridesmaids sing along to party songs

bride is pushed by groom on the giant garden swing

wedding gift books on wooden table detail

bride and groom kiss in woodland

bride poses in abandoned woodland area

groom poses in sunglasses and suit portrait

bridesmaids watch as bride gets hair done in hotel room

guests hands holding wedding ring detail

bride hangs wedding dress on hotel door

wedding cake from wild oven being adjusted and perfected detail

bride and groom embrace on cotswold road

Cotswold Garden Wedding Suppliers

Florists: Flowers at 58

Rings: Commissions made by Laura Gravestock

Cake: Nom Nom’s

Catering Company: Wild Oven

Entertainment: Bowfiddle

Ice cream van: Winstones Ice Cream


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