Five of my best wedding photography images | 2015

I was asked yesterday to share 5 of my favourite photographs I have taken this year from any genre. I actually think this is a near impossible feat. I don’t have 5 favourites. Plus I fall in and out of love with the images I take all the time. How I view an image and what it makes me feel depends on my mind frame (and whether I’ve had a cup of coffee yet that day.) As a wedding photographer I immediately thought of sharing 5 of my best wedding photography & engagement images. I could delve into the 1000’s of images I’ve taken outside of weddings (mostly of my dog) but I think I’d need a week to sift though and choose 5. So, wedding & engagement images it is. To choose the 5 I simply thought about the shoots which have stuck with me and plucked an image from each one for reasons explained…

Five wedding images of 2015

Ahh.. Auberterre in the Dordogne. This had to be in there as it was my first engagement shoot in France. I will never forget climbing up those steep cobbled streets to walk a corner and be hit with this view. Wow.. what a view. I can hear the bustle of the town below as I look at this image. I simply said to Marian & Sam to stand a cuddle in front of that view. Easy.

Kate & Lee - Chateau Cazenac-333

Another shoot in France. This was chosen as I was blown away with the light in France. Everyone I know who had shot there said how incredible the light is but to see it is to believe. There’s a different quality to it I can’t explain. No wonder many artists are drawn to the South of France. The azure blue light at the coast and the golden melting sunset is inspiration for artists and photographers the world over.

Marian & Sam WEDDING DAY024

I simply loved this shot when I took it and I still love it now. This is pure storytelling for me. The wedding wasn’t traditional in the sense the bride & groom were kept separate in the morning. They were both in the same house milling about. The bride has just got ready upstairs and as she’s coming down the groom is looking at what’s in the fridge.

Penny & Ed teaser

Another engagement shoot image. Chosen as it was my first shoot in Cyprus! I have had such an incredible year so far I had to include an image from this destination wedding. This was actually shot the day before the traditional Cypriot wedding, in a barren landscape where the locals go to picnic. The heat was intense so we sheltered under trees. I love the gnarly, twisted branches of this old tree. With the light shining through and a perfectly timed kiss a little bit of magic was created.

Sarah & Simon0019-1-Edit-8-2

My final image. I just loved being around these guys. They were so relaxed and up for anything.. my kind of customers. We were shooting portraits on the green down by Southampton docks when Simon saw a little girl with a kite and politely asked for a go. Of course the girl was in awe of the beautiful Sarah in her wedding dress! As they flew the kite together I remember thinking this moment is special.

Choosing 5 has been incredibly hard as there are so many more special moments that I’d love to share. Thanks for taking the time to have a read. Please revisit this post as I will be posting links to the relevant weddings these images are from.