A look back at the past 12 months

Wowsers! 2016 is nearly done and dusted! Oh 2016, how absurd. How shocking. How amazing. Whatever you’ve made of it I think we can all agree that this year has been one that we’ll remember for a long time. It’ll certainly go down in the history books. There’s no escaping the fact it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for us all.  There’s been political and economic unrest like I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

Don’t worry though I’ve not dragged you here so I can bang on about how bendy our bananas should be. This is after all just a lighthearted look back at my best wedding photography moments. However, I did want to start by alluding to those changes and challenges 2016 has paved, for better or for worse. As always it’s how we deal with those challenges that matters, as a nation and as individuals.

Personally, I find taking this time to reflect on the year that was invaluable.  Despite some challenging life events and the adversity one thing is for sure- I’m lucky. I got to marry my best friend this year. I have a new baby nephew. I’ve taken planes, trains and automobiles all over the UK and overseas photographing people in love. I have my health. I’m so grateful I’m able to be sat here writing this now.

As I discovered after compiling my best of 2015 post these retrospectives are an opportunity to look with clarity at what I’ve actually been doing for the past 12 months. What’s been inspiring my photography? Where have I been pushing myself and what areas of running a business have I been neglecting? I like to think this collection shows my priorities have remained the same. Building a strong connection with my couples and showing their story in a creative and fun way is top of the pile.

Going forward into 2017 I have great ambition for my photography and I can’t wait to get started. I’ll certainly be looking to share more with you all via my blog. I’ll be promoting beautiful new albums so more memories are immortalised in print. I can’t tell you the buzz I get seeing wedding collections in an actual physical album. I have weddings lined up all over the UK, France and Cyprus with amazing couples to match. The couples I’m honoured to work with are why I continue to do what I do. They are why I put this post together. This is for them. Often they are my reminder of the thing that matters most, a reminder we all need perhaps this year more than ever before. That reminder? All we need is LOVE..

best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016001 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016002 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016003 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016004 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016005 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016006 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016007 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016008 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016009 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016010 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016011 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016012 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016013 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016014 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016015 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016016 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016017 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016018 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016019 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016020 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016021 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016022 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016023 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016024 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016025 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016026 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016027 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016028 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016029 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016030 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016031 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016032 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016033 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016034 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016035 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016036 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016037 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016038 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016039 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016040 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016041 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016042 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016043 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016044 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016045 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016046 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016047 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016048 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016049 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016050 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016051 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016053 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016054 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016055 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016056 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016057 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016058 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016059 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016060 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016061 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016062 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016063 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016064 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016065 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016066 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016068 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016069 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016070 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016071 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016072 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016073 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016074 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016075 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016076 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016077 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016078 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016079 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016080 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016081 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016082 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016083 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016084 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016085 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016086 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016087 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016088 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016089 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016090 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016091 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016092 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016093 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016094 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016095 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016096 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016097 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016098 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016099 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016100 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016101 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016102 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016103 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016104 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016105 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016106 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016108 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016109 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016110 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016111 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016112 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016113 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016114 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016115 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016116 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016117 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016118 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016119 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016120 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016121 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016122 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016123 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016124 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016125 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016126 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016127 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016128 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016129 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016130 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016131 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016132 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016133 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016134 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016135 best-wedding-photography-moments-of-2016136


If you like the look of these best documentary wedding photography moments then I’d love to hear more about you, your wedding day plans and what you want from your documentary wedding photographer.


  1. Jo // Joasis Photo

    What a fantastic set of photos Jonny! It is all about love is not? Love is what makes me do this job and enjoy it every time. Big year for you and getting married yourself has added a bag of experience in the field!
    Keep the good work up and to 2017!

  2. jonny

    Thank you Jo. Yes it’s been an epic year indeed. Here’s to another awesome year coming up!

  3. Cat Ekkelboom-White

    Jonny, I can’t believe I’ve not seen that much of your work until now. You are able to make everyone look like they should be on a record cover/movie poster. Just so frickin cool.

  4. jonny

    Thanks for saying so Cat! 🙂

  5. Claudia Rose Carter

    Bloody awesome. And what a pleasure it was to be part of your day too J xxxxx

  6. Aga Tomaszek

    Fantastic Jonny, what a cracking collection! Too many favs to mention, great, great round up! <3

  7. Steve Rideout

    No filler in there, all top notch! Looking forward to seeing what 2017 throws at you.

  8. jonny

    Thanks Steve, same goes to you 🙂

  9. jonny

    Wow, from you that means a great deal. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  10. Michelle Wood

    What an awesome year you’ve had. Loving the LOVE graffiti on the canal, behind the couple and how relaxed everyone looks in your photos. You clearly put everyone at ease and have fun yourself. Cant wait to see what you pull out of the bag for 2017 Jonny!

  11. jonny

    Thanks Michelle. 2017 is going to be a great year! x

  12. Jordanna Marston

    Well done Jonny Boy Barratt – I love you and I love your work. You are a smashing chap and you can see through your work that your couples love you too. So much fun, vibrancy, cheekiness and wonderfully romantic moments in this here post. That all get the thumbs up (the bum) from me 😀

  13. Hannah

    Ahhhh Jonny these are top drawer mate!! Soooo good! your personality totally shines through in your work. Love it!

  14. Caroline

    So many lovely moments you’ve captured. Great work x

  15. Tom Robak

    awesome round-up Jonny! Good luck in 2017! x

  16. Sarah

    Jonny these are amazing just amazing

  17. Louise

    Great collection of photos! Looks like you had an Epic year!

  18. Matt Parry

    Love the variety jonny boy! such a great year and you have clearly enjoyed every minute as it shines out from the images matey. and groom in the hat..what a DUDE!

  19. Anna

    What a flipping amazing year you’ve had – and your own big day to organise too! Can’t wait to see what you make of 2017.

  20. Alex

    Hi Jonny, I found your work whilst idly scrolling through the members of the photobizx facebook group. I’d like to add to all the other fan mail above and say that your gorgeous photos are the kind that makes wedding photography fun and interesting and I love it!

  21. Sophie

    Fantastic photos! Hope you’ll be able to do ours too!

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