At the time of writing this post we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. We’re being told to stay at home and save the NHS from overwhelm. It’s certainly unprecedented times. So, how are you doing?

It’s the million pound question, isn’t it? How are you? How are you coping? Are you home-schooling the kids (shudder)? Are you getting out for your government-approved one walk a day? Do you intend to fill all this spare time you’ve now got with creative pursuits? Finally reading (or perhaps writing!) that novel? Enriching your culinary horizons? Learning Cantonese? Discovering a cure for the common cold?

Pfft.. Right now, I consider it a good day if I’m out of my pyjamas by midday, the little one is still alive and I’ve only had one nervous breakdown looking for the TV remote (or Raoul Moat as it’s affectionately named in our house). Now is not the time to set yourself unreachable goals. Now is the time to do what we Brits do best: keep calm, have a cup of tea and carry on.

Personally, I have found that I’m finally getting round to ticking a long-overdue small task off the old life list. Finally, I’m designing my wedding album. Only four years after the fact but I’m doing it!


Wedding albums are just one of those creative tasks that can sit un-done for years on end. Trust me, I know! Many people probably shy away from the start, thinking the process of getting one is an effort. Some even asking ‘Are wedding albums really worth the cost’? In this day and age when the norm is getting photo galleries delivered online, adding an album to your wedding photography package can seem like an unnecessary expense.

Let me take just a few moments of your time (hey, it’s not like you’re going anywhere) and give you 5 excellent reasons why having your wedding photos magicked into a beautifully made, thoughtfully curated album to hand down to your children (and their children’s children) is an excellent idea.




1: Wedding albums are AWESOME

No, really, they are. They may have gone out of fashion in this digital age but I reckon they’re on the way back in without a doubt. Some of my youngest (and hippest) couples are requesting them. When it comes to experiencing your wedding photos- traditional is the new contemporary folks. 

2: You can’t trust technology

Just have a browse of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed if you don’t believe me. The thing about not having an album is that you’re relying on memory sticks and hard drives and clouds and all that jazz to preserve your precious wedding photos. With an album, you’ve got something real, a genuine heirloom to hand down to your children and their children and their children etc. I think that’s important.

3: The kids’ll love it

It might be hard to imagine yourself with grandchildren right now, but trust me when I say they will treasure this album. I always love looking through my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding albums. It’s like holding a little piece of family history in your hands. When you’re turning those pages showing your grandchildren what a fox you were I seriously doubt you’ll be regretting, or even have any memory of, the cost behind the investment.

4: Getting one is super easy and stress free

Fact- it’s a lot of work to create your own wedding album. It’s way more convenient to let the professionals, like me, handle the process. All I ask is you choose your very favourite photos from the day and I do the rest. I set to work individually designing each page. No two albums are the same, yours will be totally unique to you. I arrange and curate your album in a distinctive and creative way that perfectly tells your story. Then with my user-friendly software, I’ll ask you to have a virtual flick through the pages and check that the album is just how you want it. You can request as many changes to the layout as you like, so perfection is guaranteed.

5: Quality 100% guaranteed

You have impeccable taste and value the finer things in life, I mean you’re on my website for starters! A lot of albums you can source yourself online seem like a good deal but they may not stand the test of time. Here’s a little unknown secret- most professional album companies only offer the highest quality albums to professionally vetted wedding photographers. I’ve done my research on this and it’s so true. If you want the best of the best you have to prove yourself as a professional in the industry. I have a great relationship with my album company. They are based in the UK which is good news on the carbon footprint front, plus each one is handmade. If you receive one of my albums and you’re not impressed with the quality I’ll give you a full refund. As I say, quality is 100% guaranteed.



Abi & Rob
I can quite honestly say getting an album was the BEST investment of the whole wedding.

Tom & Carly
We LOVE our album! Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to designing it. The photos look incredible!

Jen & James
The album has beautiful thick pages, it oozes quality! The genuine leather cover was a really nice touch.



By now I hope you realise that albums really are worth the investment. Maybe I’ve already shot your wedding or perhaps you’re thinking of booking me? Even if I didn’t photograph your wedding I’m happy to discuss your album queries with you. If you would like more album information please fill in the below form or zip me an email:


Pssst…! A handy tip for brides and grooms to be

If you know you want an album already, it makes sense to purchase my Album Package. If you buy it at the same time as you book me, you’ll get a 10% discount off the album prices. The deposit alone is enough to guarantee you’ll receive an 10″x 10″ album, so it’s worth doing!

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