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Trying to write about my approach to shooting your wedding day is a difficult task. At least it is if I eliminate the go-to phrases such as ‘fly on the wall’ or ‘creative story-telling’. When it comes down to it I’m not even sure what those words actually mean. What I’d like to tell you in a no nonsense fashion is exactly what you can expect from the images I produce and how I go about getting them.



You can read on my About page that I like to think of myself as a documentary wedding photographer that captures moments as they happen.  I’m not entirely comfortable with that definition.  In essence, on the day I’m just a guy with a camera taking photos at your wedding. I’m trying to take photos of the smaller details, the frozen moments in time that speak of something meaningful. These collectively make the story of your day. Capturing these sort of images doesn’t always mean I’ll be floating around unnoticed. Sometimes the opposite to that is required and I’ll be shooting at very close quarters. I’ll be conversing with guests and getting in amongst the action.  I want you to look back at your photos and feel like you’re there once again.

Being defined as a wedding photographer somehow gives the idea that I will be turning up with a preconceived vision for your day. This isn’t the case. Every wedding is as unique as you are. I simply capture that uniqueness for you through my eyes.

every wedding is as unique as you are…

Aside from great images that build the story of your day, there is another aspect to being a wedding photographer that drives me. Beautiful and creative bride and groom portraits. My favourite part of the day is when I get to spend some time alone with the two of you and shoot some fun and quirky portraits. I’m a massive fan of these! It’s always my aim to push myself creatively with the portraits. These are definitely a collaboration between us and a lot of fun. There’s no need to worry about posing, I simply want you to have a laugh and enjoy every moment. I’ll be looking for interesting backdrops and compositions, emotions, humour and always seeking awesome light.  I never ask for too much of your time, I try to work quick so I can get you back to your family and friends (and the bar).

Now that you hopefully have a little more of an insight into my approach please have a look around my site. Don’t forget to check out my best documentary wedding photography from last year.


Jonny Barratt is a documentary wedding photographer based in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. He captures wedding day adventures throughout the UK and regularly travels abroad for destination weddings.