Cotswolds wedding photographer pipe logo

Heeeere’s Jonny! Ok I’ll spare you all those gags (hilarious the first fifty times, afterwards not so much) and get right to it.

You want to know who this random and curiously handsome (ahem) man pitching to photograph your wedding is. Of course you do! I would as well. After all, I want to spend one of the biggest days of your life with you so it’s important to know that we’ll get along. It makes my job a lot more fun and the photography just that bit more awesome.



In a nutshell, I’m a Cotswold wedding photographer who genuinely loves what he does. That’s me in the picture with my wife Rosa and our daughter Margo, or “Her Majesty” to her devoted subjects/parents. Just out of shot is our beloved dog Maisy. Being a Basset Hound she’s stubborn as a mule and on this day having a photo taken just wasn’t on her agenda!

I could bang on about my likes and dislikes or bore you with the story about that time at uni with the Alpaca and a shopping trolley, but I’m more of a talker than a typer so pick up the phone and let’s have a chat. It’s always the best way.