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Jazmin Mike Jonny Barratt Photography

My guess is, in your search for a wedding photographer, you’re looking for someone special. If you want a documentary style snapper to capture all the chaos and good times, who’s honest and fuss-free, then welcome to my humble little corner of the internet.

Wanna come on in?

Take off your shoes, the carpet’s new.



Hi! I’m Jonny. If you’re looking for a documentary style snapper who shoots weddings in and around Gloucestershire, then you, my friend, have come to the right place. I also travel all over the UK, and beyond, capturing wedding celebrations in my light-hearted, photojournalistic way.

Photographing weddings as a profession permits me to travel up and down the UK and experience places and sights I never thought I’d see. Much as I enjoy a good weekend of travel, I love shooting in my home county. Now, lots of British people who live in places whose names end in “shire” will tell you that they are “from The Shire”. This is not true. These people are mistaken. There is only one “Shire”, and that is Gloucestershire!

Biased? Perhaps. But Gloucestershire is one gorgeous slice of country and has proved one of the most popular wedding locations in the UK time and time again. Kate Moss herself chose to get hitched here (Southrop, since you ask. No, I didn’t shoot it. I was already booked. Sorry, Kate.) and who are we to argue with catwalk royalty? Even if you don’t put much stock by celebrity trends, Gloucestershire boasts postcard-ready village churches, glorious rolling countryside and over 150 potential wedding venues to choose from. It’s also right slap bang in the middle of the Cotswolds which is arguably one of the prettiest places in the country (if not the world).

Sprawling country estates, honey-coloured stone villages, picturesque church spires, the National Arboretum and even the odd castle, Gloucestershire is a genuine smörgåsbord of venue choice. It was also, for your information, where Edwin Budding invented the very first lawnmower. So, now you know.

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting many, many Gloucestershire wedding venues. There’s everything from Grade II listed Regency homes surrounded by immaculate gardens, lavish multi award-winning spas, an abundance of barn venues which, frankly, are the stuff rustic Pinterest board dreams are made of. Stroud Brewery is nearby too if you and your betrothed wanna go really hipster and throw a beer festival bash with more tweed waistcoats and artfully trimmed beards than you can shake a stick at.



Don’t worry, it does mine too! Without sounding like a raging cliché, we’re going to keep it real folks.

Now you may have twigged that us wedding photographers like to toss around terms like “documentary”, “photojournalism” and “reportage” a fair bit.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, on reading these temptingly cool words, you’ve clicked through to the occasional gallery only to be greeted with a riot of staged and posed images. A veritable orgy of “fun jumping ones” or nervy-looking brides being held aloft like a catch of the day by gurning groomsmen. Look, that’s fine. I’m not here to judge. To each their own. Who am I to say that one style of photography is superior to another? But true docu-style photojournalism it isn’t.

So what is “photojournalism” exactly? If you’re not a photographer by trade, you might not know the answer to this one. You’re forgiven. In a nutshell, it’s about naturalism (not “naturism”…that’s summin’ quite different and the photos cost a lot more). It’s about uncontrived, relaxed yet energetic photography that reflects the true happenings of the day. It means that I won’t make you pose and I won’t stage any of the photos. I’ll just snap away at the action as it happens, keeping my eyes peeled for particularly funny, heart-warming, surreal, beautiful and REAL moments.


No, I don’t mean The One as in a life partner. Presumably you’ve found one of those already! Nope, I’m talking about..


How do you find the one for you? The one who’ll “get” you? The one you just simply HAVE to have on your wedding day? Well, clicking through to this website is a crackin’ start and you’ll know if I’m the right fit for your day after these three simple steps:

1. Have a good old gander around my website: Gorge on my PORTFOLIO. Can you imagine yourself in those pictures? If you like what you see, we’re half-way there.

2. CHECK THE PRICING: No beating around the bush, you can get instant access to my >>PRICING BROCHURE<<. What I will say here is that photos need investing in. In years to come when your grandchildren want to see pictures of your wedding day, you want to be able to show them something special. You know that old saying, “You pays your money, you takes your choice”? That is SO true when it comes to wedding photography.

3. CHECK MY AVAILABILITY: The earlier the better, TBH. I book up fast each year and I can only physically take on so many bookings before I collapse exhausted in a gibbering heap. Around 30 weddings is my limit. So if you’ve got your date, GET IN TOUCH!

Then what happens? I’ll get back to you within 24hrs and if I am available on your date we can arrange a chat on the phone or via video (just to check I’m as lovely as you thought I’d be). Then with a small deposit and signed contract we can..


About a month before your big day, we’ll have another chat to talk through the who-what-where-when and whys. I really delve into the nuts and bolts of your day to make sure we totally nail it.

After the best day of your life is done I’ll take just a little while to edit your pictures (I usually take 4 weeks). If you’re off on honeymoon I might share a few teasers on socials. Then…TA-DA! I send you your gallery of amazing wedding photos and you tell me how great I am.

If you fancy a wedding album, I can make you a gorgeous one. I only use the finest album-makers in the world and I personally design each one. Albums truly are a beautiful heirloom that you’ll love forever and a day.

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