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My guess is, in your search for a wedding photographer, you’re looking for someone special. If you want a documentary style snapper to capture all the chaos and good times, who’s honest and fuss-free, then welcome to my humble little corner of the internet.

Take off your shoes, the carpet’s new.


Based in glorious Gloucestershire.

In the heart of the even more glorious Cotswolds..

I travel all over the UK (and beyond) capturing wedding celebrations in my light-hearted, photojournalistic way.

You may have twigged that wedding photographers like to toss around terms like “documentary”, “photojournalism” and “reportage” a fair bit.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, on reading these temptingly cool words, you’ve clicked through to the occasional gallery only to be greeted with a riot of staged and posed images that make your toes curl. A veritable orgy of “fun jumping ones” or nervy-looking brides being held unsteadily aloft by gurning groomsmen. Look, that’s fine. I’m not here to judge. To each their own. Who am I to say that one style of photography is superior to another? But true docu-style photojournalism it isn’t.

Without sounding like a raging cliche, let’s keep it real folks.  

Photojournalism is about natural images that tell a story. A real story. The one that happens as it happens. It’s about focussing on the emotions and energy of the day, without staging anything, posing anyone, setting up moments or shouting a word of direction except when absolutely necessary.


The proof is in the pudding:

Some industry recognition (which is nice):

Want to know a secret?

*whispers* Weddings should be fun.

If you think so too, then saddle up! You’ve come to the right place.